Did you cry?

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Post by Sazha »

I wept when I realized that Bella was reading Wuthering Heights. (Okay, it was more of a tortured groan/whimper of despair.) Because I knew that it was going to be a continuing theme through out the book, just like Romeo and Juliet in New Moon. I have been trying to read that book since high school (I'm 25) and I can NEVER get more than a couple chapters in! I even put it in my bathroom in the hopes that I might read it. Yeah, it has a thick layer of dust.


Anyway. Aside from that torturous realization, I didn't cry for a looong time, up until the final chapters, which is really unfortunate because it was after midnight, and I was sleep deprived and now I don't remember where I cried! I guess I'll just have to reread.

I think I cried at the engagement.

I KNOW I cried at Bella and Jacob saying good-bye/breaking up.

I think I got misty for Bree, actually. Poor girl. And to know that Bella was watching her and fearing that's what she would become.

I was oddly calm through all of Bella's Jacob crap towards the end. Don't get me wrong, I love Jacob. I love Edward. I knew she'd choose Edward, but I think it was good for her to find out about her feelings for Jacob, even if it was something of a betrayal. I also don't really see it as a betrayal so much because Edward essentially told her, "You have your agency, and I won't hold it against you. Go find out and do what you have to." It was necessary, so she could turn the page (no pun intended) on that part of her life and go on. I think I misted up for her realization that they -were- soul mates... but that what she and Edward had trumped even that. Awwww, babies! :(

I squawked like a grieving chicken when Jacob said he couldn't compete with an eclipse.

Epilogue. 'nuff said. (AWESOME to get it first-hand from his perspective, though. ....*stabs Leah*)

I need to read it again and process it all over.

*eyes Wuthering Heights* Now I -have- to read it... Formidable monstrosity.

Oh yes! The Wuthering Heights quotes all made me, again, squawk like a grieving chicken. The first one, when Edward was reading, was... *siiiigh*
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Re: Did you cry?

Post by HalfEvil333 »

Alphie wrote:What parts in Eclipse, if any, made you cry?
I cried in a couple other parts that these I think...but I don't remember them.

I cried when Edward first said someone got hurt...the tears come on with in two seconds of reading that. But then they were happy tears when Jacob turned out to be okay.

I cried when Edward asked Bella if she mad the right choice.

And the epologue. Just to read about Jacob being like that....it breaks my poor little heart. :cry:
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Post by HalfEvil333 »

Oh...and I'm crying right now. Not even reading Eclipse. I'm thinking of Jacob...and just all of the horrible things he's felt...and everything else horrible that's happened in these books. *thinks to self* Seriously though, I need to get a grip.
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Post by velvetine »

the epilogue made me cry.
poor jakey.
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

Oh goodness yes!! I cried my eyes out as Bella was kissing Jacob back. :cry:

This book was FULL of emotion and I couldn't help it. :( But I'm so thankful that it's out now and that we've all finally gotten to read it. ^_^
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Post by twilightlover »

I had quite a fit starting with page 525 till about page 536. There was sreaming, cussing and throwing things, finished off with sobbing. My mom couldn't understand why I kept screaming "everything's going so wrong, THIS WASN'T SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!!!!"

I felt SOOOO betrayed when Bella kissed Jake back, and even more so when she said she was in love with him. And then for Edward to not even be upset about it, even though Bella, HIS FIANCE, kissed someone else, gah.
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Post by ashFLASH »

I didn't cry nearly as much as in New Moon, but I'll admit it, some parts got me teary eyed.

When Bella said goodbye to Jacob at the end. Wow, I felt so bad for him. Especially the idea that he's her 'human' soulmate. Aww.

When Edward proposed. It was just a really cute part. Happy tears, of course.

The last few lines in the epilogue, when Sam tells the others to let Jacob go. And when Jacob's thinking that all he wants to do is run and never be Jacob Black again.

I bawled when Jacob was talking about how he's like the sun, and Edward's an eclipse.

When Charlie asked Bella to let him get a chance to say goodbye if she leaves. It's so sad just 'cause you know she eventually will.

Okay, so maybe I did cry a lot... :cry:
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Post by Edward&Bella4life< »

ok so i cried ALOT.
i cried when she kissed jake back.
i cried when she cried in edwards arms in her room forever.
i cried when edward asked her if she made the right choice [of course she did]
i cried when she said she wanted to die
i cried when jacob said that hed rather have bella dead
i cried when he proposed it was so cute
i cried when charlie wanted a real goodbye
i cried at alot of other parts i just cant remember right now

im also still crying because the fourth one is another year
and im also crying cause the fourth is the last book in the series.
and yeah i cried alot lol and ton of other parts like i said.
but i cant remember right now.
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Post by Team Jake »

HalfEvil333 wrote:Oh...and I'm crying right now. Not even reading Eclipse. I'm thinking of Jacob...and just all of the horrible things he's felt...and everything else horrible that's happened in these books. *thinks to self* Seriously though, I need to get a grip.

I know how you feel I cried when during the conversation when Jake told bella what the worst part of it was for him, but the epilogue really got to me it was heart breaking, and I'm still thinking about it. I almost cried today in class just thinking about poor jacob.
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Post by Ebony »

I did cry a bit during the epilogue (gah i don't think that is speeled right, it just looks worng to me because i am horrible at spelling) Jacob makes me sad and very very angry but i still love him, just not at all as much as Edward or any other Cullen. I think some other parts made me a little weepy but i don't remember very well.
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