Jasper's story

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Jasper's story

Post by Alphie »

We've had hints to this, but now we have the full story. What did you think of it? How has your opinion of Jasper changed? Were you impressed by his history or more afraid of him?
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Post by ouisa »

I was thankful for Jasper's story. I have long felt that many people were under the impression that he only gave up (and continues to resist) humans for Alice. I know that is a part of it, but I think that totally sells him short. And really sells short anyone who resists temptation. I hope now people will start to recognize more his empathy, through his gift is also a part of what makes him a vegetarian now that he has flat out explained it.

The rest, the fighting, was interesting but didn't change anything for me. I did like getting more glimpses into his relationship with Alice. I have long thought that theirs would be the relationship I would want. Their chess game was pure delight.

I also LOVED getting to see their introduction to the family. I loved Alice's "which room is mine" and her eviction of Edward.


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Post by koali_aloalo »

i loved finding out about jasper's past. it filled up so many holes from the previous books, because he was always just a character who was just there to me. i didn't really understand him at all, but after learning about it, i have a great deal more respect for him

i probably sound stupid, but even though i knew that jasper could control the feelings of others around him, i forgot that he could also feel what others are feeling around him, so it came as a little shock for me when i suddenly realized how hard it probably was to hunt, when he could feel his prey's terror. also, feeling "bloodthirsty vengeance" all around him for years of his life made me realize just how very different his upbringing was and how hard it must be to give up blood

i also loved that you find out how alice and jasper met (i thought it was cute how she said, "you've kept me waiting a long time" and jasper's response) and like ouisa i loved the part where the pair meet the cullens. it was hilarious
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Post by rascalboy »

I liked hearing Jasper's story. I'd have never guessed it.
He's always been a bit, blank, but now, even with his story, I still feel like I still don't have his character yet, like I do with everyone else, even Rosalie. Maybe by the fourth book...
I'm still, lol, a bit wary about him, but his story helped clear stuff up, and I suppose it gave me/us more of an understanding about him.
Maybe I'll just re-re-re-read Eclipse again...
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Post by Erynne »

Finally getting to know a little more about Jasper definitely helps flesh him out for me. Suddenly, he's more than "Alice's boyfriend."

I'd never stopped to consider that he felt the emotion of other people... and how that would feel if he were hunting a person. It adds a whole new layer to the idea of the gentle Jasper, and really, I just love him all the more.

And it was sweet, finding out how intent he was (as a human) to be in the army and serve. He obviously enjoys having a 'cause' (the war, then serving under a vampire to get territory). It's just fun, learning more about him.

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Post by dirty_wings »

Well, I'm in love with Jasper, as a character, so when I read that line in the book ..something like "How much do you know about me?", I about keeled over. (Yay! It's Jasper's story time!)

I thought his story was incredible. So unique. I really love that we know about more of the Cullens now, Rose, but moreso Jasper were the two I was craving the backgrounds of.
I like that Jasper has the army background, that he was a fighter as a human, and that he had so much power at such a young age simply because of his charisma. That was really interesting to find out ...how he moved up the ranks so quickly.
Learning about the armies of vampies and all the killing that he was involved in was pretty brutal to imagine. And then when he was describing seeing Alice... that was just a big "*sigh*" moment for me. Fate. Perfection.
Stephenie wrote out his history very vividly, reading his part was definitely one of my favourite parts in the novel.
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Post by aniki »

I loved it! I always thought of Jasper as "Alice's boyfriend" too... I understand him much better now. It explains everything. Wow. Amazing.
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Post by Marcy »

I admit it. Reading Jasper's story brought on the glee for me. Firstly because, well, he's Jasper taylor hanson and secondly because it cleared up that he was a true empath rather than just a controller of emotions. I had always assumed that he was an empath, but had been told on numerous occasions that I was wrong. :lol: I'm glad he is, because I feel it adds a whole other layer to his character that makes him even more intriguing.

The Jasper parts of Eclipse are easily some of my favorite parts. :D
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Post by evermoreimmortal »

I agree with Marcy entirely! The Jasper parts were easily my favorites. But that makes me wonder--if he still has all of his scars, do the others as well? Because, from what I got, his scars came AFTER transformation...but do you keep the bite scars from BEFORE or OF transformation? Still, the ten or so pages that were devoted to Jasper easily made my week worthwhile.
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Post by Annie85 »

I already loved Jasper before Eclipse, but now even more so. When Jasper rolled up his sleeve and showed Bella his scars, my reaction was the same as hers: What the heck happened to Jasper?!
I was happily surprised that after all the darkness Jasper went through, he was (and still is) a true gentleman. And the way he and Alice really hit it off from the moment they laid eyes upon each other. I guess they're soulmates, as much so as Edward and Bella and Carlisle and Esme are-only difference is, both of them recognized it from the start.
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