What would you do? If you met Edward/another Character

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Post by Crooked_Rose »

If I met Edward I would faint gracefully into his arms...not.

I would probably scream and hyperventalate, then get my doctor on the phone and say I had taken to much Pain medication.

Then I would glomp Edward.

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Leah (SWACM)
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Post by Leah (SWACM) »

I think I wouldn't really care wether I were insane or not.....

I mean, honestly guys, EDWARD CULLLEN???
If I met him, I'd probably start to cry for joy and thank every god I've ever heard of in every language I know for this halluzination.
Then, I'd try to get him talking, so I could hear his velvet voice.

Well, if I met Jake though......
I wouldn't walk away or anything like this......I'd probably just insult him a bit before I left him alone again.
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Post by Lady Hoshi »

I probably would faint to ^^ or kiss him, muhahahaha ;)
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I'd be a very happy girl

Post by AliceMarieHale »

I'D BE A VERY HAPPY GIRL!! If I met any of the characters well good characters I'd faint then have an obsession with either edward or jasper. More Edward than Jasper though. I'd probably go insanly happy and hyper, they'd probably think i was weird but i wouldnt mind. I'd be asking A LOT of questions and i mean A LOT........of....questions.....so yah....well enough said.
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Post by Cold_One »

If it were any of the Cullen males (including Carlisle) I'd probably be like Bella when Edward first kissed her! You know, the way she kind of didn't have control over herself. But her want for him took over! Ahhhh, I have goosebumps just thinking about it!!!! :D :wink:

And if it were Alice I'd be totally stoked!!! I'd ask like a million questions!! :lol:
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Post by -NewBorn- »

For Edward I would probably be just staring at him, to shy to talk to him. But I would take picture`s of him, to peserve the memory...*laugh`s*. The only way I would talk to him is if he started the combersation.

For Alice, again, I would be like "Is that Alice...?". Eventualy I would go up to her and say "Um...are you Alice Cullen?"*Flinshes*. And she would say yes and I would probably ask her al kinds of questions.

For Bella, I would probably say "Are you Isabella Swan?"If she said yes, she`s not Bella, if she said no, she`s not Bella. if she said "Er, it`s Bella."It would be her! I would probably ask her how Edward was, could I come to their weding...ect.

Im to lazy to do my other favorite character`s. :p

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Post by OCD »

I would prolly faint into Edwards arms. Im serious O_o
Edwards a hottie xD
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Post by deedeedork »

I would gape (drooling of course), make sure he was real, then drop everything in my hands ( I always carry twilight around) then run into his harms and hug him.

Yup. I would not be letting go. Ever.
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Post by jaspercookie »

If I met Edward, I know I would start laughing uncontrollably out of sheer happiness. It's sort of a disease I have, but when something incredibly good happens to me, I get this uncontrollable laughing/mild seizure thing going on.

If I met Alice, I would give her a big hug and bake her some cookies with an Easy Bake Oven.

If I met Jasper, I would probably do the laughing thing again, and then ask Alice if she could please let me borrow him for a few decades.

And if I met Jacob, I'd take the above mentioned Easy Bake Oven and thouroughly bludgeon him to within inches of his life while cursing profusely. I have some repressed negative feelings about Jacob that I feel I would need to release. Team Edward!!
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Re: haha

Post by emmett_<3 »

jaspercookie wrote: And if I met Jacob, I'd take the above mentioned Easy Bake Oven and thouroughly bludgeon him to within inches of his life while cursing profusely. I have some repressed negative feelings about Jacob that I feel I would need to release. Team Edward!!
OMG! That's beyond horrible. D:
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