What would you do? If you met Edward/another Character

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Post by vulgarniimura »

chaffsters33 wrote:I would do one thing: Tackle.
Muhahahahaha :twisted:
lol. I'd pay to see you throw yourself against someone that's suppose to be as hard as concrete.

Naturally I'd help you up and bandage you up afterward. =)
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we all know Edward's fatal flaw

Post by bkl »

I would put my hands on my hips and give him a hard time about his fatal flaw. we all know hwta it is- he doesn't like blondes!
and we all know why- he's jealous b/c BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN
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Post by Hereandthere »

I'd probably act like all the other stupid humans that encounter Edward in the series and make a fool of myself. If I am able to get over it, I'd probably launch into asking a million and a half questions. I would probably do the same if I met Carlisle and want to know his entire history, then I would proceed in trying to kidnap him. Haha.

In all honesty, I would try to make friends with them because they seem like pretty awesome people to hang around with. :)
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Post by Cullen4Ever »

hmmm.lets see...
1.scream maybe faint too.lol
3.touch him to see if i was actually seeing him and not just an illusion.
4.freak out
5.call everyone i know and tell them that edward IS real.
6.ask a gazillion questions.
7.faint again.
8.introduce him to everyone i know.
9.chain him to me.lol.
10.never let him leave my sight!!lol.
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Post by Spazzzy »

If I met Edward? Hmmm...
Take 10000000 (a lot) pictures. Some of him and some of us together.
Hug him
Make him give me his cell #
Make him give me ALL his information such as, his email, home phone #, address, ANYTHING for that matter.

If I met anybody else? Basically the same thing...
One time someone tried to explain to me why Edward isn't real. The next day, they "disappeared".
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Post by chompchomp57 »

If I met Edward... first I would stand there and stare in shock while questioning my sanity. then I'd scream and jump up and down with drool running down my chin. then i'd pass out. and if he's still there when I wake up i'd try to talk with him but i'd probably just embarrass myself more by giggling uncontrollably then ask if i can get a picture with him. then follow him around without ever leaving his side for the rest of eternity :wink:
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Post by losing feeling »

if we saw any of the cullens we would stare and forget to breathe
once we remember to breathe we will start hyperventilating
if we ever get the nerve, we would go up and talk to them
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Post by lidiacriss »

If I met Edward, I'd probably think that I was dreaming, then when I realized that I wasn't I'd start to hyperventilate, then I'd probably run over to talk to him, realize that I'd be able to say nothing, because at that point I would be speechless. Then I'd probably run over and say the first thing that I thought of, which would probably be really embarrassing, especially since I don't seem to think like most people do, at this point I'd probably be blushing, and I'd trip over my feet in an attempt to get my camera, because I would be staring at his face, and not watching where I was walking. Then I'd take pictures, ask for his phone number, and all other contact information, and my life would be complete.
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Post by Chadley »

If I met Carlisle, I would throw myself on the ground and try desperately to break my arm or some other body part.

I mean, if some girl has a broken arm right in front of him, he's bound to help, right? :wink:
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

scream and/or hyperventilate
I'd probably die
and go really bright red
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