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Post by Erendis »

The first time I read Twilight was the end of June 2008, so once I finished that, I could go straight to reading both New Moon and Eclipse without the wait. I only have to wait for Breaking Dawn, but it'll be easy because it's fun to read all the speculations and the wait, for me, was only about a month, except now it's only about two-three weeks. :D

Those who read Twilight when it was first released, I pity you! It must be a long and terrible wait for Breaking Dawn.
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Post by genuinesmile »

I read twilight mid-May of this year, which was bad b/c it was around my Finals week and i found myself reading the book more often than studying. I immediately rushed to B&N to buy New Moon only to find out i didn't have enough money for the hardcover, i went home disappointed but ready to ask for donations from my mom ;) I mentioned the incident to my boyfriend and he was sweet enough to surprise me with NM the next day (it was cute, he came over after work around 3, i was busy studying for a final exam i had at 5pm, so he snuck into my room and hid the book on top of my closet...later when he got home and i had already taken my final exam, i gave him a call, at the end of the phone call he asked me if i could look for his hat in my room, "he'd forgotten to take it with him" i was a little curious about it because he doesn't step outside without his hat, he led me on to a story about having brought two hat because he couldn't decided which to wear but i went along with soon as he asked me to check the top of my closet i became even more i turned to face my closet i saw a the corner of the book and i literally let out a shriek) :D I read the entire book through the night...I had seen that there was a special edition for Eclipse coming out May 31 and so i forced myself to wait, read through it in one night as well. Now I'm simply anxious for Breaking Dawn :shock:

I would've gone crazy if i had had to wait for each book each time. I applaud all you who were there from the beginning. 8)
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Post by mudkip »

I havent had to wait very long for any of the previous books.

I got Twilight in May, finished it in a day, then got New Moon two days later, finished that in a day, then Eclipse i had to wait a week for (it was HORRIBLE!) and i finished that in a day aswell.

Waiting for Breaking Dawn seems just... hell-ish.

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Post by CanadianAlice »

My sister gave me Twilight for my birthday back in March and I read it in about two days on my trip to vegas (the woman beside me at the pool was reading New Moon :lol: ). I was hooked from then on and searched everywhere in Vegas for New Moon and read that in a day on flights then went and bought Eclipse two or three days later. I've read them so many times now it's not funny! Roll on Breaking Dawn, I just hope I can keep my excitment in check and not read it too quickly.
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Post by Aymzie »

I got Twilight on 26th October 2007, and I didn't stop reading it until Halloween, when I got New Moon, and I got Eclipse from the shop about a week and a half later. I was like, "NEEEEED!" I hated waiting all that time. But Breaking Dawn is just worse, I read the first chapter yesterday and it was AWESOME! I seriously don't know hoe I'm going to wait another 26 days... Going on holiday, so I get it the day after I come back... Which basically means no internet from 2nd August - 7th, incase I get spoiled. So it defies the point of bringing a laptop to check the Quote of the Day...

Ok. I'm rambleing. I'll stop now.
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Post by Lizardpolisher »

I remember I read Twilight on spring break of last year. Quickly after that I got New Moon. Then I had to wait a few months for Eclipse. The "quote of the day" helped.
I remember it being torture waiting for the next Harry Potter. Movies and books. I never thought I would have to go through that again. I was wrong.
But this time I am more involved with the internet. Any information on Twilight...I will know! So that keeps me sane
And the message boards :D
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Post by elysiepiecie »

I found out about Twilight in February 2008 and forgot about it until April 2008. I wish I could say I was one of the originals who knew about Twilight. But I must say that I have made up lost time by reading the saga over and over again. It was frustrating at first because I knew nobody who read them...but now I've got a boat load of friends who do. :D
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Post by MegFairy »

Gah! Part of me wishes that I had never had to wait but I got hooked on Twilight before New Moon came out and have consequentially had to wait for every single book to come out. You'd better believe that I'm right there when it goes on sale! :D
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