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Post by CatchingCove »

I got Twilight because it was part of those "2 book" pair things on It was paired with The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. Twilight had just come out, I guess, and they were trying to move the book. I stuffed it on my bookshelf and left it there for about six months. Then I read it and couldn't believe I had let it sit there. I found the Lexicon and kept reading through the posts. Then I read New Moon in a day (with interruptions so I was up until dawn finishing it). Then I read Eclipse on a plane ride across the country. Once I finished it, I had to join the Lex to talk about it.

Odd thing about New Moon and Eclipse is that I counted down the days until release with incredible intensity, only to have something come up that took me away for a few days so I wound up reading both books about a week after they came out. I'm afraid that when Breaking Dawn comes out, I'll be in the middle of something that takes me away for some awful length of time. Like a month.

EDIT: I'm losing my mind. I meant "Rebel Angels" by Libba Bray
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Post by weasel »

I read Twilight about 2 months ago.
New Moon straight away after that.
So i didnt have to wait long. =]

Now I just have to wait for a year or so for Breaking Dawn.

You all have it so lucky you know.
Being able to get it the day it comes out.
The very first day.
I live in Australia so it comes out later.
Eclipse only came out 2 days later, but my mate Chelsea had to wait a year for New Moon to come out in Aust after in had already been released overseas.

So be happy!
you get it before us!

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Post by |Rosalie »

I read both Twilight and Eclipse in May/June 2007. I loved them. Then a friend told me that Eclipse was supposed to be released in Italian November or December 2007. Too much time...XD So I read it in English... I waited only two months!^^
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Post by alanna the knightess »

I read Twilight in Oct. of 2006, at which point, New Moon was already out for like, a few weeks. Then I had a wait for Eclipse. ><
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Post by Paiger34433 »

I had been curious about twilight for awhile and I would always complain to my mother about how I didn't understand how the book was so ridiculously popoular. It irritated me actually. I read the back of the book and put it down quickly repulsed. I was thinking, 'THIS BOOK IS ABOUT VAMPIRE LOVE! ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME!!!' (you could say i felt like jacob in new moon when everyone was hanging around sam.)
April of this year(2008) my friend started reading it and pressured me every single day to read it. I fought her on it as long as I could. I decided to read it...reluctantly though. It actually took me two weeks to finish the first chapter...but as soon as edward came in at the end i couldn't stop reading it. I finished the rest of it the next day.
The same day that I finished twilight I started reading new moon. I stopped reading that after the third chapter...after all, it was hard to see clearly through my tears. The next day I finished new moon. and then eclipse.
Despite those two weeks, i finished the series within five days or so. And I am eternally grateful to my friend for forcing me to read them.
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Post by mlola619 »

^^ your sig made me die of laughter hahahaha XD
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Post by Our Icy Affection »

I read it this year, actually. I read it on my way to Tennessee for Spring Vacation. Then New Moon, then Eclipse, hopefully BD next!

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Post by Sugar »

I just barely heard of the Twilight Saga a couple of months ago. I wasn't too interested in it at first. When I caved in, I tore through the books in a week. I'm SO giddy that I don't have to wait like I did with Harry Potter! I started reading Harry Potter in middle school and by the time the series was over, I already had graduated from Culinary School!

At the same time, I'm also a little sad I had less time to wait. I love re-reading books, discovering new things, arguing about theories, and just the fun it comes with when you have to wait!
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Post by JessieHale »

I found out about the twilight series in October 2007, after some of my friends were constantly talking about it. I then ran to the library, taking Twilight and New Moon and read them at home in one day. That was when my obsession started. Eclipse wasn't out in German yet (my mother tongue is German), so I bought it in English and when I was finished, I had to tell all of my Twilight-friends what exactly happened. Now I'm waiting impatiently for Breaking Dawn since January 2008. :roll:
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Post by faerie_kitten »

i was really lucky for not having to wait for the books for very long. i got twilight in june as a birthday present, best one ever :)
read it by 4am the next morning and ordered new moon. that took 5 days to arrive and it was killing me to wait for it so i re-read twilight every day till i got it.
then i read new moon, but had done the sensible thing and ordered eclipse so that turned up the day after new moon did :)

of course no one told me that there were 4 of them!!!!! now i have only been waiting since june for breaking dawn but i have to keep stopping myself from checking the countdown for the days cos i have to wait extra time for it (gggggrrrrr)

mind, there are not that many books tha really capture my imagination the way these have but these really did the job for me :) love almost every bit of them (with the exception of really wanting to slap edward for leaving, men!!!)

now i just got to TRY and not reread them all again until th week before breaking dawn is released. ben trying that for 2 weeks and have already failed twice!!

never mind
Why, oh why? I got to wait until August 6th for Breaking Dawn :( Grrrrrrrrrr
But when I get it, it will be read even if i i have to stay up all night :)
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