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I know Jasper was probably sorry for what happened but I still think that he should have apoligized or at least talked to her. At the airport I was kind of pissed at him for not even acknowledging the presence of the girl he attacked which in turn made the entire family move. And after bella got attacked and got her stitches she asked Alice how Jasper was doing and she said that he was very upset with himself and he hates feeling weak. I thought he should at least feel bad maybe or upset that he almost killed her. I don't know maybe he did feel bad but Alice just didn't say anything so Bella wouldn't feel worse than she already did. I know it wasn't really his fault but I think he should have talked to her at the airport.
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I think it was a kind of truce. I'm sure Jasper wanted to apologize but he probably doesn't want to bring it up again. I'm sure he's just glad that Bella doesn't hate him for (essentially) costing her months of her life. She know Jasper isn't a bad person and at the moment I think she's just content to silently forgive him.
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I know Jasper could not apologize immediately after the incident.

But at least at the airport. I doubt he thought Bella needed time with Edward. All he thought of was seeing Alice.
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I think he was just plain embarrassed :oops: . Though he should still apologize. We all know that Bella forgives him. It wasn't really his wasn't anyones fault! I blame the wrapping!

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Post by niski »

Haha. i blame the wrapping too.

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Re: Bella and Jasper

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Firewind wrote:This thought occured to me just a little while ago...Jasper never talked to Bella for the rest of New Moon after he nearly attacked her. Did he ever apologize for what he did? I know it wasn't his fault, but I would think he'd feel obligated to at least say sorry.

I think jasper my say sorry in eclipse. i really don't hold anything against him thought if he does not. we all know this is as hard for him as it is for her, if not harder. he liked bella and then he almost killed her. that takes a toll on a person. i think in time he will talk to her about it and apologize in his own way. i think he already did by says yes when they voted on bella being a vampire, but thats just what i think
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Post by Brittany_Anne »

Jasper obviously felt awful about it, but he had no control over himself at the moment. Jasper's character is going to be explored more during 'Eclipse' and then maybe everyone will have a better understanding of such a complicated character.

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I think he is really sorry about it, but he is afraid Bella will not accept him, or something. He probably thinks Bella will hate him. And in New Moon, he never really got the chance to say sorry, becuase Edward shipped them off so quickly.
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Post by virginiax7 »

I think that he was probably pretty embarrassed and ashamed of what he did, so it was hard for him to say sorry because then he would have to bring that night up again when everyone kind of wanted to forget about it.

I don't think it was his fault at all though...we all know it's hard fr him to control himself, and he usually does a very good job. It's not Bellas fault either, she didn't say "Hm, I think I will give myself a paper cut so that I can make Jasper go crazy. Yay!"

Hahaha I agree with everyone else: the blame is all on the wrapping. :P

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I agree with what someone else said. That it was "understood." We know that Jasper was probably feeling horrible, and I forgive him, and so does Bella. I don't think he ever actually apologized to Bella because he doesn't want to bring it up again.

But in Eclipse, we see that they do talk to each other, (and play chess against each other hehe), but Bella did mention somewhere that she was surprised Jasper thought of her as one of them because he hadn't talked to her much after the birthday fiasco.

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