What'll happen to Charlie?

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Post by Casiopia »

I think that Bella will have to stage her own death. She'll most likely fear that the Volturi will hunt down Charlie if he learns of the vampires.

On the other hand, Edward might try and get her to keep in contact with Charlie. He probably has learned his lesson with the 'clean break' stuff.
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Re: What'll happen to Charlie? well

Post by sarahbells »

open.book wrote:okay, so I did the whole search thing, and I couldnt find another topic like this, so I guess I'll start one.
What do you think will happen to Charlie when Bella becomes a vampire? I mean, is it totally "goodbye, I guees I'll never see you again, ever..." Or do you think Bella will show up like once or twice a year for a couple years, then when a normal person would start aging, just leave and never come back?
Cause it would seem kind of harsh for Bella to leave charlie there right after graduation and never come back.

I think for the first year bella will have to stay away from him but I think after that, there would be a lot of oppertunaties for him to see bella. I really do not think she would or could cut him off from her life. As far as her mom goes I am not sure. She is the harder one of the 2 to please and she does not live in a place that is very vampore friendley but Charlie on the other hand only wants what is best for bella, so if that is edward that he will put up with it. And he lives in the perfect place for a vampire to be.
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Post by *Sunshine* »

I always thought that she would have to stage her own death. It's really sad when you think about it. Poor Charlie and Renee. All that grief that they have to deal with. :(

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Post by sarah-belle »

Staging Bella's death is a possibility, but I don't know if Bella would be able to do that since she loves her parents so much.I don't think she would be able to handle hurting her parents like that. I think that she will probably just write letters or send emails until she is able to control her thirst.
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Post by Withoutawarningsmile »

I agree that they will probably stage Bella's death. Though I am not too sure that Bella would like that idea but she might be willing to do it to keep them safe and get what she wants. Since Edward is so dead set against this change he might want Bella to at least keep in touch with her parents in some form.

Faking her death seems the most reasonable.
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Post by Chocoholic428 »

This is one of the more difficult obstacles for Bella to face when presented with the question of changing or not.

I think the only way to do it would be to stage her death, [heaven knows Alice could get creative with that], but would she be willing to put Charlie and Renee through that much grief?

But wouldn't it be worse if she just cut all contact with them?

I don't think it's possible for her to ever visit. By the time she got the bloodlust under control she would probably be somewhere in her late twenties. They would see no physical change, and that would raise too many questions.

Plus when the others were changed they never saw their families again.

In the end Charlie and Renee get crushed. The only choice would be to pick the lesser of the two evils.

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Post by Alice's Grandma »

Nico wrote:The Volturi must have their "spies" ... I mean, they sit in Italy and only leave when they have their job to do, they don't travel the world and actively look for law breakers. Someone must work for them abroad.
That's true, I'm sure the Volturi do have spies, but I still wonder how do the spies know if the secret has been divulged? It's a big world out there - how many spies do they have? Do I believe that the Volturi would have the Cullens specifically spied on? Yes!
But Bella can't see anyone from her old life if she should become a vampire. They would see that something is very different about her. It will not only be her looks but the way she moves and everything too. Her personality might even be different. She would be like a different person.
I forgot that she would look different other than her eyes, but I still don't think that curtails Charlie being told. He could still be told and then he would understand why she's staying away for a few years. I guess I just don't like the idea of them staging Bella's death. It seems too cruel. I'm no fan of Renee and Charlie, but I don't want to see them go through unnecessary grief.
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Post by open.book »

I think it'll be interesting to see what Stephenie does do with the whole situation. I think Bella will stage her own death,
because if it were my parents, they'd probably stage an unexpected visit, and in bella's case, that would be very bad.
But then, Alaska's a pretty far away place.
I also agree that the Volturi have outside workers, and that what Edward said about them putting off checking on bella is wrong. I think that they might show up in Eclipse.
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Post by NoirRomance »

Well, I really hope whatever Bella does she doesn't hurt Charlie too much. Charlie's just one big sweetheart, who loves his daughter and I think it would be really cruel to just up a leave, or fake a death.

I do agree with the long distance sort of thing. Emails, letters, phone calls. Maybe after a period of time they loose contact because that's a more tender way to leave. Gradually slipping away.

I don't know. *sigh* I just don't want to see Charlie hurt too badly.

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Post by pinkpurple07 »

I know staging Bella's death would be the most "reasonable" thing to do if she were to become a vampire, but I just can't seem to think Stephenie would do that. She's a mother and she has an idea of how painful it would be to lose a child. Would she really put Renee and Charlie through that? She said she liked happy endings and even though Bella would be happy with Edward. Where is the happy ending for Renee and Charlie? It could never truly be happy without their only child.

I know Bella telling her parents about the whole vampire thing is against the law, but in my head and heart...I can't picture Stephenie to do that. But who knows?
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