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Post by Colette »

I would never be able to stop in the middle of the series. No matter how much I hated the way it was going or ended up, I wouldn't be able to go on with my life not knowing how the series ended. Plus, I suppose it doesn't help that I could never get too upset because I love both Jacob and Edward. I'd be happy with either that Bella chose. :)

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Post by Edward&Bella4life< »

Colette wrote:I would never be able to stop in the middle of the series. No matter how much I hated the way it was going or ended up, I wouldn't be able to go on with my life not knowing how the series ended. Plus, I suppose it doesn't help that I could never get too upset because I love both Jacob and Edward. I'd be happy with either that Bella chose. :)
i wish i could love them both but i cant
ive grown a strong liking to Edward and Bellas relashonship that i would die if they broke up.
but i would finish the series
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Post by `Edward. »

I would read anything that Stephenie wrote. I don't care if it doesn't have Edward or Bella in it, or if they weren't together. I would be happy with Jacob and Bella being together. I love Jacob, just as much as I love Edward!
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Post by edwardsinger »

Hutu58 wrote:I really think Edward and Bella will end up together. Bella obviously loves Edward more than Jacob. Stephenie Meyer herself said that she loves happy endings. I don't know how it could be a happy ending without Edward. In any case, if that did happen I would definitely continue reading the Twilight series. I just love the way it's written. Though I would be extremely upset if Bella and Edward didn't end up together.
That's sort of how I feel about it. I'd be compelled to read just because I love Stephenie's writing and her characters so much, but I'd be heartbroken if she did not end up with Edward. It just wouldn't feel right.
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Post by AnotherEdwardLover »

if Bella and Edward did break up (which is probably not going to happen, but you never know) I would finish the series but still be a little mad that they broke up. . . I can't just stop the series close to the end because to characters broke up. . . but I was kind've mad at new moon because Edward was gone for so long. . . :cry: =P

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Post by Topaz_Eyes17 »

Alica wrote:it only took me thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much, to stop reading eclipse. i was so disappointed, and i'd rather wait 10 year for a good sequel than 1 year for a really bad one. that one was bad.
i think, when the first 100-200 pages of breaking dawn don't appeal to me, i will stop reading it.
i wished i hadn't read eclipse, because i wouldn't have ruined my elusion of "edward+bella=forever"
well... it's ruined now.
i want to cry.
I agree. The whole Bella/Jacob love issue almost made me stop reading the books. Twilight is about Edward and Bella's relationship, and Jacob just comes in and ruins everything. I tried to keep an open mind about his character and give him a chance, but Eclipse has made me HATE him. I personally hope he does not return in the next book, and if it's told in his point of view, i will most likely stop reading altogether. I could tolerate him being Bella's friend, but having Bella supposedly be "in love" with him has really ruined things for me.

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Post by leiahlaloa »

Mmkay.. so... as it is... (I just finished Eclipse today... like... 40 minutes ago) I would NOT die... if Edward and Bella didn't get together (in the end).

I don't think I'd have died if they didn't get together anyways... (even just after Twilight) but this third book has definitely balanced my opinion somewhat.

I fell in love with Edward and Bella in Twilight... wanted to smack Edward and then hug him and keep Bella as far away from Jake as possible in New Moon... and now... I just want EVERYONE to be happy after I read Eclipse.

I understand so much more now... I think that Jacob's feelings for Bella were very underdeveloped in New Moon... Eclipse brought out a whole new side of him... and I liked it.
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Post by ECABS »

Wow...I heard about this thread on my LJ...and that things were getting rowdy over here...

I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let's not forget that Ms. Meyer is still a regular human being like you and I and that it would really hurt her to read some of this stuff...I know that the admins/mods are doing their best to police all this hate, but maybe we can all help a little?

I mean we can be objective and intellectual when we air our views, can't we? We're mostly a nice and kind fandom, I'd like to think...and I just feel bad that Ms. Meyer is going to read this...

I personally didn't like Eclipse very much...and you can find my detailed view on the book in the "Eclipse was okay" thread (2nd page)...and I honestly believe that WHERE the characters ended up isn't so bad...and really think about this guys...if there were another 100 pages to this book that filled in more of the characters thoughts that led them to their decisions, wouldn't that make a huge difference??

Anyways...I just wanted to say...that...I just feel bad if people are attacking Ms. Meyer...that's my bit...going to bed now :D

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Post by ReNa257 »

aw i dont think if something happened <jacob> that i'd stop reading the series...i'd have to continue to know the end so people can't go *you didn't read the ending so how do you know* when i go psycho ...

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Post by katiecullen »

I would ABSOLUTELY stop reading the series if Edward and Bella didn't end up together...or even HAPPY together. I almost wished the end of Eclipse had never happened because now Edward and Bella's relationship has a big fat whole in it thanks to Jacob. I really hope that Edward and Bella's relationship pulls out of this mess and goes back to what we know and love that they can and should be. Otherwise, my friends and I have defintely discussed not reading and/ or burning the last book if Bella were to continue on this psychotic idea of loving Jacob. WHAT?!?!

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