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edward is luv
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Post by edward is luv »

ahahaha yup i'll admit it...i do read some of the entire conversations..out loud and do voices...hehe but this doesn't leave the forum :P
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Post by ktevmc »

yeah i have to say that i more or less act out some of my favorite parts...but just in the dialogue bit. and also, when i'm reading, i usually lay with my head at the foot of my bed (and i only read in my room), on my stomach, flipping thorugh random pages. i know like, every line of Twilight, and i'm working on NM, but i'll just flip to a spot and say 'oh this looks like a good place to start reading' and read to the end, which only takes like, a few minutes depending on where i start. another ritual i have is probably uh...trying to visualize that character's exact facial expresions and tone of voice, like you other people that mentioned it. sometimes i'll find myself maknig this freaky face and muttering a line from the books, and i'll be like, "what am i doing?" and then i'll laugh out loud. i'm a boring type of person. [not really!] my parents probably think i'm skitzo because of all the voices coming from my room...but they're all just me, trying to nail the exact tone of voice a certain character is using. (i have yet to figure out how a human can hiss something...and i've yet to snarl. i haven;t gotten that one down yet. oh! another one: before i read, i always look at myslef in my mirror and try to snarl or growl...but i look so stupid...)

So, I was just thinking...about eternal 'death' and all...and I've decided it's okay with me. Now I just have to find one of them vampires...they're never here when I need them! Dang...

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Post by **~Dazzle~** »

Hahaha, other people are wierd like me too! Yay!

I'm pretty systematic about my Twilight reading!
I like to read books when I'm really calm and relaxed. I read Twilight/New moon only in my bedroom, wich is pretty dark (basement) my reading lamp on. I usually play Evanescence, or some other calming C.D that has nice tones, but the lyrics don't overpower the book. But I have to listen to something. I usually read them right after a shower, when I'm in my comfy P.J's and I'm all calm and good-smelling haha.

yeah i have to say that i more or less act out some of my favorite parts...but just in the dialogue bit. and also, when i'm reading, i usually lay with my head at the foot of my bed (and i only read in my room),
Me too! :D

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Post by lux »

Haha, wow. I do a lot of the same things that were mentioned here.

I like to leisure read either right before I go to bed or very early in the morning (I have a pretty weird sleeping schedule, I'm usually up by 4-5am)

Sometimes I play piano music or Twilight/New Moon-esque music on my computer and/or settle with a small piece of dark chocolate.

And I like that perfume idea! I might try it out soon.

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Post by silver_locket1226 »

i have to read it all in one night, i cant stand to fall asleep or go to school in the morning where i cant read tw nm.

also, i have to be in my room, it's where i first read tw and i'm such a sucker for Nostalgia

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Post by pinkpurple07 »

I don't know if this is a ritual or whatever, but I did it once.

Through a reading of Twilight and New Moon..I had the dictionary by me to look up all the words I didn't know and even some I already knew just so I could understand the story and Edward better. I just HAD to KNOW everything!
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Post by jenni_elyse »

I've actually only read the books once because I just got introduced to the Twilight universe about a month ago. Once I finished reading them, I started Harry Potter to get ready for Deathly Hallows. So, unfortunately, I haven't had time to the read them again. I will just before Eclipse is released, though.

So, just because I've only read each book once, I guess I don't have any rituals. However, I think my main ritual for Twilight is going to be reading it in three "steps" if you will, so I don't spend an entire day reading the entire book. (I'm an adult, so I have responsibilities, unfortunately. :wink:) I'll read from chapter 1 to chapter 8, then chapter 8 to chapter 17, and then chapter 17 to the end.

As for New Moon, I'm not sure yet. I think I'll need to remind myself that Edward does come back and to take the middle of the book slow, so I can enjoy the part with Bella and Jacob more. When I read New Moon, I was so distraught over Edward leaving, I think I missed the entire Bella/Jacob friendship and I started to hate Jacob because of it. I don't have Jacob now and I don't want to because he is such a good friend to Bella. So, I think I just need to take the book slow...
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Post by Avani »

I do the same thing with reading in stores and muttering lines! I also sort of try to make my face into the expression described, it helps me imagine it! I never get any food on my books but I eat with them all the time, I guess I am just cool like that.
i do the same thing!!!! I don't really have any rituals except that as soon as i wake up i start reading them and i read them the whole day (since i started reading them in the summer.)
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Post by CharloGrace »

Haha, I thought I was the only one who was totally OCD about the book (well, I'm pretty much OCD about everything...)
I always have my music on low;
I made my own TW/NM playlist featuring a lot of classical music, Evanescence (fits perfectally with the book), and a lot of random songs. When I read the book, I REALLY get into it :D Then I have my binder full of random notebook pages that I've written( working on a story right now); Stephenie is such an amazing writer that she inspires me.

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Post by astronautxcore »

Hm, I don't really have any "rituals" that I can think of. I usually put in music, but I do that when I read, anyways. Sometimes, and this is a big secret, I read Edward's lines out loud because I wish I could have a boy say them to me.
Sometimes I read everyone's lines out loud, just because I feel like it, too. I also only read Twilight during class or when it rains or at night, and I like to have like, a single lamp on when I'm reading it with a bunch of inscence, it just kind of makes it seem more /real/ to me if I can't see or hear the rest of the world around me. {Hint the music aforementioned. (:}
Because /Edward/ prefers brunettes. (:

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