Ways To Annoy James

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rescue the wolves
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Post by rescue the wolves »

Ask him if his boyfriend cried when Victoria cut his hair. When he looks at you blankly, just say "oh, you actually meant it to look that way."

Ask him to go on Ripley's believe it or not to prove that their are several hundred year old virgins.

Go up to him and ask him if he wants you to help him pick out his makeup for his big date that night. Tell him to say yes because he really needs it.

I can't think of anything else right now. :lol:
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Post by lidiacriss »

ha ha these are funny!
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Post by L.Smart094 »

Steal his cookies! :D Its an inside joke.you have to watch the video.if you want to, the link is in my signature.

funniest video ever

Confession:I stole James' Cookies!:)
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Post by Gitta »

Haha every post is just so hilarious:) I think that he would freak out if you started to put some makeup one him like lipstick and everything and when you are finshed you take a photo of him and like *sigh* "It didn't help you still don't look beautiful":)
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Post by CamberXite »

L.Smart094 wrote:Steal his cookies! :D Its an inside joke.you have to watch the video.if you want to, the link is in my signature.
Thats the funniest thing I've ever seen! Haha.

These posts are really funny!
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Post by m9organ »

I don't know if anyone posted this idea yet.
Stick James in a room full of guys and then make Jasper send lust waves at him! (if ya get what I mean)
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I stole james' cookies
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Post by I stole james' cookies »

You get a big cape and a set of plastic fangs and run past him repeatedly singing the batman theme tune but subing in Edward for of Batman in it.(and eating cookies!)
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Post by j'aiocd=) »

L.Smart094 wrote:Steal his cookies! :D Its an inside joke.you have to watch the video.if you want to, the link is in my signature.

I have to say that that is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I was crying for at least 20 minutes. Do you mind if I use that avatar?
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Post by edwards_brunette_bella »


Ok, tell him to run for president, get him all excited about it, make sure he wins, and then when he wins, and he's jumping up and down because he won, tell him, "We're sorry, but you're just too ugly to be president. This is the president of the United States: Edward Cullen!"

Tell him to look something up for you on the computer and give him a really really slow computer. When he tries to leave tell him no, that you have cookies for him. He sits down and waits like 2 hours for it to finish, then when he says, "Where's my cookies?" Tell him, "Oops, I ate them."

That's all I can think of for right now. :P :P

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All of these are AMAZING!! I'm literatly rolling on the floor laughing! The cool this is most of these you could do to normal people.
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