Ways To Annoy James

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Post by i love twilight »

I*choose*both wrote:Haha! Ummmmm how about coplain that your chiuahaha has better tracking skills than he does! :D
I'm sure He will flip with that one. I never thought of that one.Funny really funny . :D
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Post by HaleyElizabeth »

these are great :D
haha i love the one about edward singing this is why im hot! 8)
~tell him random stories about your day throwing in insaults(Ex:Then i sharpened my pencil it was because it was almost as dull as your teeth)
~stare at him for 5 minutes then wink at him when he asks what just say oh you know wink again and walk away

sorry i know its not very creative but it was all i could think of
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haha just thought of another one
~dance around him singing duh duh duh du elmo's world!
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break4jake wrote:
Edward's Vampheart wrote:Why did she even have the pepper spray?
i don't know......but she brought some with her in the book. but she kept it at home in her duffel bag unpacked. (says so when she think about it when she's about to get attacked in Port Angeles)

why she has it at the ballet studio i have no clue. she was giving herself up, so why would she bring something to fight with? oh well, who understands hollywood anyways?

ok i keep reading that part of twilight but i can't find it ever saying that bella used pepper spray on james can someone give me a page number or something
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Post by Bloodlust107 »

Bella used pepper spray? When?? I'm confused!!

Anyway, this is really funny! I'm not funny so i won't bother trying but these are really good! KEEP AT IT!!
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Ways To Annoy James

Post by Artemis Cullen »

Bella never used pepper spray on James, she only does that in the movie clip, but she does have pepper spray she just left it under her bed. :roll:

Artemis :wink:
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Post by break4jake »

^^ yep yep yep.

the whole pepperspray thing doesnt really make sense to me.....
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stand behind him whispering
''dares you'' every 5 min
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

Tell him Laurent left him because Carlisle told him James had a gay crush on him.

Then pretend Carlisle told you he had a crush on Edward.

And cookies.
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Post by lalaith913 »

~Tell him he smells like a werewolf.
~say, "Wait a second. I though humans became more attractive when they became vampires. If this is how you look now... wow... you must have been fugly."
~ask him to play Pretty Pretty Princess
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