Ways To Annoy James

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Post by emmett_<3 »

if you write or read the skits you would get it.
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

wow. these are entirely hilarious. umm-

-look at him weirdly and ask "you know, you look a little malnutrition-y.. have you been getting enough red meat?"

-Send him the 'Sunshine' carebear.

-Try to hire him as a myspace tracker. (the ones who check who blocked you and stuff)

-Run up to him and start snapping random pictures saying "I can't believe I finally met a gay vampire!!"

-Try and hire him as a police canine/seeing eye dog.

Wow. these arent very good, but im entertained.
*laughs and tries to think of better ones*
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Post by Laney Jo is Alice »

play hannah montana loudly.
hope he becomes tone def.

poke him in the sides.

yell Oh my gosh! i've never seen an ugly vampire before!

can't think of any better ones.
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

-invite him to a blood drive.
-invite him to a tanning booth saying "you look a little pale"

Wow. I love these. So funny. :D
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Post by mariaferzillah »

~Poke him. Enough said.
~Bother him with food. "Oh, dear, you look so skinny! Why don't you eat something?" And force a apple onto his mouth.
~Talk about how wonderful Edward is: "Oh he is like marble!"
~Talk hours about Twilight, explaining every single detail of the series, BUT only talking about him like this: "Oh! I forgot. There was this ugly, wannabe vampire who couldn't to anything right and tried to eat Bella but his donkey was to heavy, I forgot his name..."
~Try to put Victoria against him.
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Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

run up to him and pinch his nose!

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