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Post by Klutzy_albino »

If one of my friends did this...and I didn't understand her relationship with her boyfriend, I would probably be hurt that she wouldn't discuss the problem with me, and I would probably think that she was being melodramatic. Would I shun her, and denounce her as a friend? No...I would just back off. My feelings would probably be hurt, and I would feel bad that I couldn't help.
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Post by HopelesslyDevotedtoEdward »

Well, reading the books from Bella's point of view and having the idea that we mostly understand Edward, I always think that her friends should be supportive of her taking him back, considering the details in it (although they wouldn't be able to know he was a vampire). But if I were Bella's friend and all I saw was what was going on from the outside, I would give her a talking to on taking back the guy who broke her heart so easily. Then again, none of her school friends are really that great of friends. Even if they did try to help her, she was pretty much unfeeling to the world for a few months, no one would have been able to get through to her.
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Post by tongue_tied »

I was very surprised when Angela didn't talk to Bella, or comfort her more, you know? The only person that was really there for her was Jacob, and he didn't really want to talk about Bella still being in love with Edward.

I was dissapointed with Bella's 'friends'[/i]
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Post by indi »

I personally think it would be difficult to be Bella's friend, because she doesn't really open up to anyone besides the Cullens. Thats why she prefers Angela, because Angela doesn't talk much.

But if I was her friend, I would try to pull her out of the zombie phase. But I would always be sooooo jealous of Edward. ^^
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Post by slimgoodi17 »

Wow, I feel for Bella, I really do. I have never personally been in love but just from reading the book I can actually feel what Bella feels. I think Bella's friends should have been more understanding.

Jessica is such a shallow person, I don't expect much from her. She doesn't even seem to actually enjoy Bella's company all that much. It bothers me. I think Bella's only real friend is Angela and thats because they have similar personalities.

To give some credit though, if I was Bella's friend, I wouldn't have given up that easily. I would probably have tried to pry some info out, then if that didn't work, I still wouldn't give up on her. I find it hard to let go of people; Bella would be no exception, plus I would be oddly curious as to a certain disapearence.....
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Re: If you were Bella's friend

Post by Stellar »

xXdestinee619Xx wrote:do you think Bella deserved the silent treatment.
Yes. Her "friends" didn't know why she went all zombie-like, and since we're assuming that they don't the status of their relationship, and they just assumed it might have had nothing to do with the Cullens. If a friend of yours is going to go all zombie like on you for no apparent reason, I'm assuming as a fourteen year old teenager, you would feel the need to "get back" at them.

Plus, she picked some jerky friends.
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Post by xXdestinee619Xx »

[quote="xXdestinee619Xx"]yes i know i was really irritated when it comes to these parts in the book. i mean we all know that lauren never liked her, but there was a part in the book where bella said jessica was her best friends, I'll go look at the page later but I know Bella said that. At that point I just started laughing.[/quote]

ooops so sorry i guess she said jessica was her first friend.
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Post by blueray1 »

i would try to talk to her anyway, but i'm like angela and would be nervous about saying the wrong thing. but i know i wouldn't abandon her, and i would make sure she's okay, even though i know that she isn't.
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Post by HalfEvil333 »

I would have tried to have been supportive but at some point I think I would have sat her down and smacked her across the face and told her "he isn't coming back so let's move on." It may sound harsh but after awhile that's what I felt she needed, was just someone to tell her it's ok to move on with your life.
That's exactly how I felt through out New Moon. If I was Bella's friend, I think I would've done the same thing. I would've gotten sick of listening to the "oh i'm so heart broken!!" story and told her to move on, and if she didn't eventually, I would've just stoped trying to help her and move on with my life.
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Post by cabingurl »

This really made me mad in New Moon. It seemed almost as if none of her "friends" really cared. If I had a friend that I know that was totally head over heels, reach for the stars in love with a guy. And he just up and "moves" away. I would be there for them. I would be so persistant in trying to be a support system for them. But then again I can relate sort of. Maybe because none of them have every really been in love, they really thought that she was over reacting, because they can't relate because they have never felt that way.
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