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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

i totally agree. Her friends kind of abandoned her when she needed them to reach out to her. Even Angela didn't try to help at first. At least some of them were okay after she 'came back'.

But I can see why they felt awkward, she completely ignored them. Even before Edward left, she was very wrapped up in her life. They definitely should have been much more supportive though.
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Of course!

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If I was one of Bella's friends I would have supported her all the way through! She just went through everything and it really broke her heart! You know, sometimes I just want to TEAR Edward to bits??? Anyway, of course. If anyone was a GOOD friend of Bella's, then they would stand by her 100%!
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I want to say that I would of been there for Bella when Edward left her for a broken heart but I would have been partly lying. At first, I would have tried to get her to talk, help her over the heartbreak and be there for her but after a while-when she ignored everything in her life-I probably would have given up on her..thought she was a lost case.

Of course, when Bella wanted to hang out with her 'friends' it was awkward, and I think it would have been that way for any person..if they stuck through the whole depression or not. She changed how she acted with a snap of a finger..I've experienced that with some friends and it was weird....
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Post by elysiepiecie »

If I was Bella's friend I would be there for her. I have always been the friend who has been there through thick and thin. I'm usually the one who gets pushed away when there is a boy in the picture, but I am understanding of it. Once the boy is away, I am there to help in anyway I can. I would like to think I would be like an Angela to Bella, but also there during the depression, not just before and after.
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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

Personally, I don't think that we'd get along. I'm too much like Bella myself. We'd clash. Plus, I'd be too frustrated by the way she acts after Edward leaves in New Moon. She'd be too cataonic, and I'd move on. (I know that sounds harsh... but my personality is alot like a mixture of Alice/Bella. I'm all down to earth like Bella, but I've also been told that I can't drink coffee because it makes me too enthusiatic and hyper. I'm too happy of a person sometimes... depressed people make me too sad.)

So yeah, I don't think that I could really be friends with Bella.
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Post by atrociousprincess »

I'm pretty sure her friends tried to help out in the beginning, but Angela was always her only real friend (see first chapter of Midnight Sun) anyway...and she's way too subtle to force herself on Bella. If that happened to one of my friends I would have totally kidnapped them and forced them to vent, because I'm awesome like that 8) And I say one of my friends because...I would be INSANELY jealous of Bella. And don't lie and say you wouldn't be...she has freaking EDWARD!!! :P
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