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Post by pinkpurple07 »

Somehow, I imagine Renee making Bella take ballet. Some mothers are like "Awww, my little baby would look so adorable in a tutu!"

Renee seems like the type of mom to make her daughter to all the girly cutesy things.
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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Aw, poor Bella...

I never even attempted to dance. That would not be good. :P I can picture poor Bella being the little kid to just stand off in the corner while the others dance or something.
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Post by idazzlepeople »


I can imagine her falling over her ballet shoe laces and into another girl
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Post by I_Have_Fangs »

I can see her standing on her tipy toes and just causig a dominos effect withball the little ballet dancers.....That and seeing bella on something like "so you think you can dance" that be hillarious...and a good story someone should write that lol
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Post by idazzlepeople »

haha Bella on "So you think you can dance"


Aww I can see all these little pink puffy domino 6 year olds falling and all scowling at poor little Bella
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Post by LikeASunburn »

I'm betting Renee held on to the tape with every intention of sending it in to America's Funniest Home Videos... and then "misplaced" it.

Via Bella and the garbage disposal.

Yep, that what happened. *nods*
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Post by dolphindog »

silly_bella wrote:We started dancing at three where I lived. The three-year-olds would come out wearing bikinis and sunglass, take the sunglasses off and recite a nursery rhyme with motions. That was our ballet. We did have a bit of an actual tap dance... but not much.

Then each year, you did something more difficult that actually began to incorporate dance steps. When you look at teh pictures of me dancing, I am ALWAYS behind the other girls. I'm sure that's how Bella was.

lol. bella was probably a back up for some girl.; or maybe she got a part where you have to fall down a lot.... :wink:
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Post by HopelesslyDevotedtoEdward »

haha maybe she didn't think about the clumsiness she just said to herself, "Ooh, pretty, I want to be a ballerina!!" and then once she saw what she had gotten herself into, she quit :lol:
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Post by Aquamarine »

Haha, I can see her getting into the music and really enjoying herself then dancing right off the stage and twisting her ankle :)

I took ballet and tap when I was 4 and 5. I was actually pretty good (for my age) but then we moved and I never started again. I admire people who can dance because if anyone tried to teach me, they might end up with a broken bone from my clumsiness...
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Post by Marcy »

As a dance teacher, believe me, I have seen it all. I have taught many a "Bella."

More often than not, their natural clumsiness is the reason that their parents enroll them. They are hoping to add a little grace and balance to their child. VERY rarely does it work. Clumsiness is just inherent. The girls might gain better posture (I have annoyingly good posture, my hubby whines all the time about it. :lol: ) but actual grace? Can't be taught.

The domino effect of little girls in tutus? Seen it.

The litle girl kicking her leg too high in a too-big-and-not-properly-tied tap shoe, the tap shoe flying off and cutting another little girls head open? Seen that too.

But my personal fave. came from when I was still an apprentice. During recitals our mistress would stand in the balcony (which is visible from the stage, but not the lower level audience), turn the spotlight on herself, stand on a table and do the little girls routines with them, so they could watch, and it still look like they were looking at the audience. Gret idea. Until the table collapsed...and 25 three year olds Mimicked the mistress, and all fell down on the stage. :lol:

I can so see Bella having JUST that kind of experience. Poor girl. :lol:
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