Random Twilight thought that's worth a chuckle

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Random Twilight thought that's worth a chuckle

Post by LikeASunburn »

Thinking back on New Moon chapter one made me laugh outloud at work yesterday... anyone else find it amusing that Emmett is the baby of the family?
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Post by Marcy »

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Post by pinkpurple07 »

Emmett is the baby? I didn't even know that. I thought Edward was.
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Post by Calianna »

pinkpurple07 wrote:Emmett is the baby? I didn't even know that. I thought Edward was.
Well Edward is the oldest vampre of the kids, and we all know that he is the most mature of course.
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Post by Oh, Edward »

Took me a second to figure that out!

Emmet was the most recent to be turned by Carlisle.
Am I right? Because I would feel extremely stupid if I was wrong and laughing at the wrong joke. :P
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Post by hayweh »

yea thats right
i think it kind of fits his character though
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Post by I_Loves_Me_Some_Jasper »

I can understand that. I mean, he may not be the smallest physically(omg dirty thoughts), but he is the most immature. So, I guess it makes sense.
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Post by Lisa Marie »

I think its also because he was the youngest of his human family!
His family sounds huge! :wink:
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Post by The Twilight of your Life »

soo you know what made me laugh..... picture bella looking like a little kid that just got showed up on edward takeing her to seatle

"stupid shiny volvo owner" wen she said that i couldnt help but laugh
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Post by I*choose*both »

Haha me too. Poor Bella she just always looks like the little kid around Th Cullens, and Jacob to! (with, of course, the exception of Alice) :)
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