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bella&edward101 wrote:you know what made me laugh....? thinking that alice is 4'10 and jasper is 6 foot something. i didn't even know how tall they were until after i finished reading twilight and when i thought about it... :lol:
Haha. I thought of that too. I guess he either has to pick her up to kiss her or bend down really low. That's kind of funny. :)
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lmao I was shocked when I found out that Edward was the first in the family. I thought he was the last to join the family.

LOL, when i first read twilight, sadly I pronounced Carlisle's name.... Car- Liss- le ......... so sad. It took my cousin a whole lot to convince me it was Carlisle. Stupid moment of mine...lol
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pinkpurple07 wrote:Emmett is the baby? I didn't even know that. I thought Edward was.
Well. Edward looks the youngest, but in the books it says that he was the first to join Carlisle's family. Emmett was the last of them to be changed.
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LoL. That did make me chuckle. xD He does not seem like the baby... at all.
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oh yeah, emmett is technically the youngest :lol:
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You can kind of tell. He acts like a younger brother!
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i think that is kind of funny :D it shows that size is not always something determined by age haha
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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I always knew that Emmett was the youngest vampire in the back of my mind, but it never connected with the idea that he is the baby of the family. :lol: :lol: That totally fits him in a way though!

Actually, I think that Emmett celebrated his birthday in 1935 as a vampire with the Cullens. If I were turned into a vampire I would still like to celebrate my birthday at least once after I was changed. Your birthday is the best day of your whole year, I think he would still want to celebrate that little tie to his human life, now that he is leaving it behind.
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Ha! That's funny. Hadn't thought of that. He kind of is, right? He was created last. *giggle, giggle*

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lol i like this thread.
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