Which cover is your favorite?

General discussion about the Twilight Series Universe.

Which cover is your favorite?

New Moon
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Post by GoldenTwilight »

I love Twilight the best. That's what made me want to buy it in the first place - the cover was just so...I don't know. Awesome. It made me want to really read the book and know what it was all about. There's just something about the hands holding the apple that is captivating.
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Post by -NightsHour- »

I love all the covers. But my favorite would have to be New Moon, just superficially because the tulip is very pretty. I know it has no symbolic meaning like Twilight and hopefully Eclipse, but just going by looks alone I like New Moon. As someone prior before me said, the hands on the cover of Twilight are a bit disturbing (for a lack of a better word). I do see the hands in play with the symbolism but it just always bothered me a little. I do think the cover is appealing and beautiful though, and I love the symbolism behind. And for Eclipse, as someone again said prior before me, it looks a little plan. I'm hoping for meaning behind it and it certainly does go well with the other covers but it does look a little plan to me. That's also something I like about all the covers, how well they go together. New Moon is my favorite just because of beauty alone, but Twilight is my favorite for the meaning. Eclipse I can't say anything on the symbolism yet until the long awaited day it releases and I have read it ;).
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Post by The Darkangel »

Siraisho wrote: I'd have to say New Moon. I know it seems to have no specific meaning, but, gosh darn, I'll find one!(get back to me in about a year when I've finish procrastinating on my long list of things to do) It's so simple, and I've been greatly attracted to red for a while lately and even though the others have red, this one seems alot more... colorful? Yeah, we'll use that.
I feel the same way, based solely on the cover art itself I think New Moon is the most appealing, I dunno, the ruffled tulip just looks really cool against the black background, even though it doesn't seem to have any importance, or underlying meaning.

However, if you were to try and connect it to the book, I guess you could say that the color red is one of the themes, or that it has some importance. Colors are often symbolic of things, and in these books, the color red could have a number of meanings.
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Post by hello ali 91 »

Eclipse is my favorite... so far! i think i would pick Twilight next though... i love the whole concept with Adam and Eve and temptation. but im so excited to see what the real reason behind the ribbon is.

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Post by dirty_wings »

Twilight has my favourite cover. Not of just Stephenie's books, but of any book Ive ever read.
I like apples, lol.
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Post by ChristineCullen »

I like the Twilight cover the best. I guess because it's so recognizable and whatnot. Symbolic I guess. I'd have to read Eclipse before I judge the cover, lol.
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Post by quakies101 »

I really like all of them but you know I think the eclipse one looks cool =)
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Post by jadoretoi »

I really like the Twilight cover. I really like the New Moon cover. But i love the Eclipse cover.

Maybe just because it's new, and there could be so many meaning behind the ribbon. Maybe just because it's pretty. Honestly, i really don't know why. Haha.
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Post by hitsaru_san »

I liked the New Moon cover the most :3
And...I'm really not all too sure why, other than the fact that the one single flower is filled with so much subtle symbolism, that it almost makes me choke with pure joy.
...I think that's because I'm an english freak, and I can find something in the most unimportant places XD
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Post by pinkpurple07 »

I don't think I could pick just one so I will pick both Twilight and Eclipse.

Twilight because the image is meaningful.

Eclipse is meaningful as well and even though it's plain..to me it's just beautiful. The vibrant red looks amazing against the black background.
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