Which cover is your favorite?

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Which cover is your favorite?

New Moon
Total votes: 326

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Which cover is your favorite?

Post by CoolBoi »

Out of the three books, which one is your favorite cover? I think i prefer Twilight most. I like New Moon also, but I guess I chose Twilight because it is the "original". Eclipse is a little too plain for me. Don't get me wrong though, they all look super nice.
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Post by *Marked*For*Death* »

I like the Twilight cover the best. It's very...for lack of a better word-- pretty, I'd have to say.
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Post by Arualbg »

Twilight cover.
For me is full o meanings and the image is awesome. It was "love at first sight" one of the best covers I've ever seen, honestly.

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Post by Tennyo »

Eclipse. I'm not so interested in the Twilight one (I like the idea of inanimate objects on the cover, so the human hands are jarring), and with the New Moon cover it's very pretty but means nothing and that bothers me. So I chose Eclipse, with that promise that it means something.
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Post by darktimesharry77 »

hmm... I like all of them... but If I had to choose, it would be Eclipse... I think the cover is simple, but I like it...
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Post by I*choose*both »

I like the Twilight cover, especially since it has such meaning.
I like the New Moon cover because it is simply pretty, but it has no meaning which bugs me.
I like the Eclipse civer for it s a mixture of the two, "pretty and simply meaningful" at least I hope it has some kind of meaning, but Im pretty sure it does. So I voted for Eclipse as my favorite. :)
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Post by Calianna »

I love the covers for all of the books, the simplicity of them is stunning they are very distinctive. My favorite cover is Twilight though, I think that it is the most representive of the book and has the most symbolism in it. Actually I think that the cover of Twilight is my favorite book cover period that or the cover for Tithe by Holly Black.
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Post by SeaLight »

With Twilight, the human hands disturb me.

With New Moon, it's very pretty, but as many people said, it holds no meaning (for me, at least).

With Eclipse, it seems so ominous and simple, but beautiful at the same time. It holds many possible meanings, some good, some bad, some fairly neutral.
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Post by Katie Is Obsessed »

I love all of them, but I'd have to say I like the Twilight cover the best. It is the original cover of the series and that one is the cover that I get asked what it means a lot.

I like the cover of New Moon, but it was more of a pretty cover than a cover that held a lot of meaning for the story.

I like the cover of Eclipse, but I can't say its me favorite because I don't know what it means. It means something, but we won't find out untill we read Eclipse.

So for now Twilight is the best cover.
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Post by SarahBeth »

I love the cover for Twilight. The colors, the images, all come together for me. It's hauntingly beautiful. The imagery to me is Bella's hands holding the forbidden fruit...come and get it, Edward. A little twisted, yes, but kind of a cool thought...
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