Which character would you become for a day?

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Post by Soubiluv98 »

Okay very cliche, but I wouldn't mind being Bella for a day.. ya know like on their wedding night and .. etc etc >.> lol

Or being Alice that would be pretty sweet too. She's awesome and I'm always so curious about the things that sees, that we don't already know.
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Post by jasperlovesme »

I would be Alice

not only because she can foresee the future, but also SHE HAS JASPER, need I say more :P
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Post by sunandair »

Bella. I'd make her apologize to her parents for being such a crappy daughter for the past year. I'd make her not be with anyone for a while and think about who she is as person. Not as Edward or Jacob's girlfriend, but as just Bella. I'd get her a hobby; probably making small films since she likes to observe.

Too bad it would only last a day. :(
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i would totally be leah clearwater or alice! sorry, i wanted to pick a vampire and a wolf :]] leah, because one, my name IS leah haha. and also because she's the only female wolf (so far). she's a strong character, and i have no idea how she deals with sam and emily, and i admire her for that. alice, because, she can see the future and that's just the most awesome thing ever. she is also edwards favorite sister, bella's best friends, and of course, she has jasper!!!! she's so little, but so strong too.
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

Why Alice naturally! I tend to be bubbly and very intense and sometimes even can be a little bit clairvoyant..ask my hubby about that one. I seriously scare him sometimes! I also like to plan and decorate for parties..that one my co-workers and closest friends know for a fact! Why i call myself my namesake! :wink:

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Post by mlola619 »

hmm....aside from gender i'd really want to be Edward. Come on, how many of you can say you WOULDN'T really want to know what everyone is thinking? Not only that, but i sure wouldn't mind being an irresistable vampire for a day; being able to run super fast & break a tree with my bare hands??? Man, i'd so swim the English channel 8)
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