Which character would you become for a day?

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Re: Which character would you become for a day?

Post by ViolettaCullen »

No question.....Bella for one day....whith Edward........?It would be heaven for me.
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Post by The Volturi »

As cliche as this is, Bella 100%...I would want to be her on her wedding day, just to see how extravagant Alice would go..haha, Also that's just me being greedy and wanting to marry the greatest person EVER!
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Post by Alice_at_Heart »

Alice. or Bella. But Bella only because of Edward, I'm klutzy enough. Alice because I love Jasper, I could see the future (HOW COOL IS THAT???) and I would be friends with Bella and Edward. Best of all worlds in my opinion.

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Post by mlola619 »

Bella. She gets to be with Edward whenever she wants & if it suits her at the time she can go see Jake :D not only that but she can visit any Cullen and talk to them! *woot* woot*!
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Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

Only a day? :( lol. Hard choice... Well I think I'd pick Bella cause it would be awesome to have Edward plus I think shes a really cool character anyways. But then again if its only a day I might want to try being Alice since shes awesome and has vampire abilities would be cool to try. If you asked me who I'd want to be forever I'd pick Bella but since its only a day thats why I'm undecided between Bella or Alice. lol.
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Post by emmett_<3 »

Lmao. It use to be Jasper because of his power and his pure awesomness. But now it would be Bella so i could just spend my entire day with Jake :D
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Post by wampF!GHT »

i guess i would pick Bella ONLY because then i could make out with Edward :shock:
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Post by Genevieve »

Alice. She seems to have so much fun, with all the things she sees and the clothes and protective Jasper.
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Post by Edward's#1fan »

Bella! i would have Edward all to myself!
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Post by iloveawerewolf... »

Bella-during the amazing Jacob parts in New Moon!!
oh and when he kisses her just so I could experience it-then jump back to my own body. lol
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