Which character would you become for a day?

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Post by seraphicullen »

Definitely either Bella, or Alice. Bella, for Edward--quiet evident :D ; Alice, for vampirical aspect and of course...Jasper. :]
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Post by someweirdgirl »

Bella I get yummy Edward. Or rose because I get yummy Emmet.
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Post by seth4ever »

I would ttly be Quil because he is so sweet and he has Claira, and she is also really cul! :D :!:
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for a day

Post by nicolebernetta »

For a day, I would want to be rosalie. forever, id want to be bella or alice. prob. alice.
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Post by wolfgirl922 »

Hmmm I would have to go with Alice because she is the best and really funny
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Post by Aros_girl »

I would love to be Jasper. Even though I am a girl it would be cool to mess with peoples emotions around you. And plus he is my favorite character.
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Post by edwards_brunette_bella »

Anybody could guess who I'd want to be for a day-Bella!!! Of course, just so I could be with Edward!!! :mrgreen:

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Post by sherunswithvampires. »

probably bella.
because she's the one that edward loves. :]
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Post by Nadiya »

I would either become Alice or Edward.............How cool would it be to know the future or know what people are thinking about you but knowing other peoples thoughts would sometimes be kind of embarrassing depending on what they are thinking (believe somethings are better kept secret)

Well even if i wouldn't have any of the special abilities i would still have strength and speed and power (and who doesn't want that?)
What I'm trying to say i guess is that that being a Vampire for a day would be cool enough
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Post by ~Kate~BITE ME!~ »

I would have to say I would be Alice. I would love to be able to see into the future. It would be so cool. I would really like it alot. I would also have to say Bella, because she has Edward. Mhm. I would love to have Edward. He is amazing. :D
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