Which character would you become for a day?

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Which character would you become for a day?

Post by Moonbeam »

For me this is the ageless question for both book readers and writers: If you could actually become one of the book characters, who would it be and why? I personally would be Alice. It would be interesting to see the future, to be able to access information like that. As a personality plus, she's such a nice, understanding, friendly person. As a relationship bonus, she's hooked with Jasper, and...um, he's just sort of my favorite character, heh-heh....
Anyways, how about you? Would you want to be Edward, and read the minds of everyone around you, or maybe Bella and spend your day with the unbelievably gorgeous vampire Edward? Speak now!
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Post by Katie Is Obsessed »

I would want to be Rosalie. Shes so beautiful and she would be able to get anything she wants with her beauty. Anyway my friends say that they think I am a lot like her, so it would be nice to actually BE her for a day.
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Post by Anne Shirley »

I think I would choose to be Esme. Partly because I'm a little bit like her. I have an almost nine month old daughter and I can really appreciate her mothering instinct. Esme doesn't play a central role in the books and I would actually enjoy sitting back and watching the other characters interact.
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Post by Lisa Marie »

Alice. She's soooo cool :lol:
And she has jasper..!
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Post by pinkpurple07 »

Wow I would be so many different characters. I can't choose just one..

I would probably be Alice as well...but I would really want Edward's talent. I wouldn't want to be Edward though..I just want his ability.
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Post by slimgoodi17 »

Well for obvious reasons i would be bella for a way, but i do want that experience of being a vampire, so then i would probably be alice for a day. I still think i would rather kiss edward for a day than be able to smell really well for a day
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Post by no_sir »


Edward AND Jacob.
Need I say more?
Or maybe I just have the shallow answers...ah well.
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Post by namachachi »

Rosalie. She is one of my favorite characters. I act like her, and I just love her personality. Allthought, I am no where near her beauty.
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Post by ~Nataliyah_Faith~ »

That's kind of a toss up for me. I'd want to be Bella because hello she's got Edward :) and I'd also want to be Alice. She seems like the nicest person and she loves to shop as I do :D I would love to be able to see the future just like her - but Edwards power of reading peoples minds is also cool. I would love to know what people are thinking.
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Post by alanna the knightess »

Bella. She gets Edward. She -had- Jake. She's nice, she can resist Eddie's powers, et cetera.

Or Edward. Who wouldn't kill to know other peoples thoughts?
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