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Post by Mayde »

UPDATED FEB. 23, 2008:
I have updated the link list with the new URLs, so they should work now. Please let me know otherwise. Also, note that all the links posted AFTER this first main post and BEFORE February 20, 2008 are broken. I don't have the time or the patience to change every single link ever posted in this thread. If you do come across a link you want, feel free to post the inquiry again and we'll find the link anew.
The purpose of this thread is to help you search for specific threads.

Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Post what you are looking for
  2. Wait for someone to post a response
  3. Depending on the response, you can either use the links provided or request a new thread
Below is a list of links to threads that are frequently duplicated and/or discussed.

<hr>*Note: A dark blue link indicates an older version of a thread.

<hr><center>GETTING STARTED:</center> <hr><center>THE WONDERFUL BOOKS:</center>
~Twilight~New Moon~Eclipse~Unpublished Works~Other Book Related Items <hr><center>THE HUMAN WORLD:</center>
~Bella <hr><center>THE VAMPIRE RACE:</center>
~Edward~The Cullens~The Volturi ~General Vampire Questions <hr><center>THE QUILEUTE TRIBE:</center>
~Jacob~General Werewolf Questions
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Post by Seraphyn »

I always knew there was a reason I loved you guys so much. This list just sets it in stone.


I just hope people actually read this. ;)
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Post by Marcy »

Sheesh, Mayde. No wonder I reference YOU in my Welcome Limerick. :lol:
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Post by ECABS »

Mayde! Fabulous job!!!
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Post by Eri »

Wow Mayde, that's amazing, you've done a great job with that post :wink:
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Post by belliston »

Ok I really did try the search function. I was wondering about vampires fingernails? I assume it works like the hair does (stays in the same state).

But what if Rosalie got fake fingernails? Would one set last forever? Just needing to replace the ones that broke?

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Post by Mayde »

Belliston, I found this in the Vampire Mythology section:
Other things, such as fingernails, also cease to grow, but it is worth noting that a vampire's body is like granite, so broken fingernails are unlikely!
So fingernails do not grow and it's very unlikely that they will break. Now if Rosalie got fake fingernails, it would probably work like any fake fingernails would. If one took very good care of fake nails, it could theoretically last forever. If they break, you could always replace them. So I believe that the longevity of fake nails is entirely independent of whether or not you are a vampire. It has to do more with how well you care for them.

Thank you for checking this thread! I'm sure all the moderators and administrators really appreciate your efforts in helping to save bandwidth.
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Post by emilyinforks »

Did the International Books thread get deleted? the link won't work anymore!
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Post by edwardluver131 »

Can anyone help me find a picture of Rosalie's prom dress?
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Post by jesseh »

*gapes* I love you, Mayde. That's got to take a LOT of work. XD Eek.

I'll be sure to reference this post a lot. C:
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