Does Edward understnd?

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Does Edward understand Bella's pain?

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Post by Alice_at_Heart »

I'm going to say yes. But no. Edward did go throught the same thing that Bella went through when he left. But Edward knew that he still loved her. Bella has all of this pain, because the love of her life has just left her, and she never saw it coming. She is told that Edward doesn't love her anymore, and she believes this. Edward knows that he still loves Bella and she still loves him: He left for her safety. But Bella is just trying to get over her love for Edward, because she has no hope. Edward knows that he will eventually go back to see her. But Bella is living in the dark. However, Edward did have to survive for six months without Bella, so I imagine that he does feel his share of pain. I think he even understands most of what Bella was going through. But I don't think that he will ever fully comprehend what happened inside her head during those months.

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Post by Fairytale77 »

I believe he does understand b/c he was going through it to an extent and also he say what was going through the minds of others about what happened and how Bella had acted. Also, she told him that she did crazy reckless things just b/c she was hearing his voice. So, yes I believe he understands.
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Post by atrociousprincess »

Edward definitely understands how much he hurt Bella. He was hurt even more deeply then Bella was, as we can tell from his description in NM. Plus, he was able to see the memories in Jake's mind and hear Charlie talking about how bad it was. However, I don't think he will ever understand how she felt, because:
1. he can't read her mind (duh)
2. he'll never know what it's like to think someone you love dearly doesn't love you anymore
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Post by Sarah&Edward »

I think Edward understands that Bella went through an era of intense emotional agony, but I'm not sure if he realizes the other impacts, like with the whole trust issue. He thinks Bella is fragile, and she really is, but I think that when she cares about someone, she cares completely, which is why she was a zombie for months after he left in NM.
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Post by Forever_Edward_Cullen »

I think Edward understands Bella's pain.... if he didn't, he wouldn't have responded to Bella's interactions with Jacob. He knows he should have never left her but he thought he was doing what was best for her. I know a lot of Team Edward people like myself wanted Edward get more angry with Bella when she was chasing after Jacob with the whole I love you, the kiss, etc.... and he let her cry over "her loss" of Jacob. While, IMO, the love for Jacob and Edward are two different kinds, I do think Edward understands her pain or else he wouldn't have acted the way he did with his restraint.
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i think he really does know. firstly, because in italy, he held on to her, and he really tried to not kiss her or anything huge. then he stayed the night after too. then, after she woke up, when he took her to his house, and she told him he was the first worry, i think it finally occurred to him "oh crap, it really hurt her more then it hurt me." and also, i think he understands because he was pretty much going through the same pain, and he also thought that bella had gotten over him.
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