Imprinting....As good as human love?

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Post by AlwaysforJasper21 »

Okay, so i think that impriting is a part of their lifestyle - they can't really help doing it, but they should at least try to give the girl (or in Leah's case, guy) a say in if she loves him (or her) back, just like every other relationship. It's harsh , but if someone doesn't love you back, you can't do anything about it.
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Post by deedeedork »

My friend asked me to post this for her-
"I think SM wanted to make vamps and werevolves be semi alike because the vamps have "singers" and the werewolves imprint, both can end up having a soul mate "

And I think that its a bit wierd. Not unfair really, because you're meant for eachother. Like fate. Kind of unavoidable. So you're perfect matches. And I helps you find eachother. Without imprinting, couldnt you go your whole life without finding someone?
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Post by sanguinelily »

I can't say I have any of these long posts that are deep, I can't muster up the thought for words that could describe it right in my mind. Imprinting to me is the sight of the one you will love. Like destiny, or fate it was meant to happen. Was it all fate for this to happen? Would it happen no matter what. If Jake hadn't like Bella at the beginning would he have imprinted on her, if his personality were different. Imprinting changes the one that imprints. It changes priorities. 1.) Her and only her 2.) Pretty much anything to keep Her safe from anything. From then out everything revolves around her. What if Jake imprints on someone, I'll use the name Jasmine. What if Jasmine hates Quil, Embry or even Sam (I would hope no one could hate them.)? Jake would naturally choose to make his imprint happy and he would leave, but that effects everyone else and their outlook on imprinting. Sam would understand, but that wouldn't stop the hurt of losing him. I believe Jacob is to be the pack leader, but what if his imprint (Jasmine) doesn't accept that? If I imprinted I think things would be difficult. I'm shy as it is. I'm caring for everybody and I do my best to help, but I don't think I stick out. So the person I imprint on (Hunter) will notice me and like me it is part of the imprinting process. I'm shy though if someone asked me out, the shock would be so great. But I guess the fact that I imprinted on them and I knew that things would work out so I guess I would choke out a yes. If I was the imprintee I don't know how that would work out. Again I'm shy I try to blend into the crowd, not even. I don't like following the crowd I prefer to vanish. I'm social with my friends and thats it. Again if he were to ask me out yes, but that would be strange. I don't know of the imprinting process I don't know that he's a werewolf. Again shock this time I don't know of imprinting and am likely to walk away to shocked to speak. That may lead to them avoiding me or me avoiding them. My friends would probably shove me into the relationship (I don't like relationships, I like being single) and I would enjoy it and we live happily ever after, but again it would be difficult at the beginning. Until friends starting setting me up. I'd be attracted, but I'd be afraid of rejection or that it was a joke, or it would last and I would waste years of my life when I could be testing the waters. Now how would it work if your imprintee (going back to hunter) was bitten by a vampire? We all know vampires don't bite werewolves and such, but what if the one they love was? You never know. Would I be repulsed, or would I struggle through it because I did imprint on her. I would still be sensitive to the smell, right? She would too and we would be naturally enemies, but there are other relationships. Love, hate relationships. The needing to be together out ways everything else. While you can hate everything about them, you still love them. Vampires aren't allowed at the reserve though, so what would happen? Would they have to leave. THen there is the vampires craving for blood would you have to kill her for the safety for everyone else and herself? You figure if she ever became humane she would regret the deaths, would she want to live like that. Or would the fact that Hunter is my imprintee is he spiritually (or whatever you call the force that begins imprinting) protected from vampires? I do believe Hunter is human, but would he be protected by the ancestors. Or will they hate each other. Would the imprinting bond be broken? Then would the imprinter find another or would they never imprint again? Okay leaving the whole vampirexwolf thing. What if the imprintee likes vampires. I don't know they don't like being on the good side? I suppose that would be pushed aside though. It wouldn't matter. Their love would be #1. That's all I can thing of. If this was said before sorry, but I didn't read all of them yet, they're all so long. I wouldn't want to be the imprinter or the imprintee, but can't shoot it 'till ya try it.
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Post by PinkIsTheNewFlo »

I like the imprinting idea.
I mean, it's difficult for Jake and the wolves because they don't have a choice but I like the idea that there is someone perfect out there for you.
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Re: Imprinting....As good as human love?

Post by MoonStarWithWings »

December wrote:Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love? For the imprinter? For the imprintee?

Does it undermine the worth of love if you have no say about it? Does it make a relationship stronger -- or less meaningful -- if there is no possibility that the imprinter will ever fall out of love?
Yes, it is as good as human love - just different. For the imprinter and imprintee, it's better. Normally, it's fine - look at Jared and Quil and Taha Aki - but on the rare occasion it hurts someone, it turns sour. However, normal love hurts people.

I don't believe it does undermine it - they're just meant for each other, pure and simple.
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Post by Spakles.In.The.Sunlight »

Ooh! I have pretty strong viwes on this one! LOL!

I think imprinting is totally jacked up. Take Sam and Emily for example, Sam loved Leah, and then suddenly all he could think about was Emily. I agree with Brynnie86 on the fact that it DOSENT seem to be love, just infatuations.

What about the people the imprinitning werewolves leave behind? Will they all end up sad and bitter like Leah? Love is a powerful thing, and when it's lost especially by the means of Betrayal, it can do powerful things to someone.

Another way it's kind of acked up, is that, what about the wolf? What if they have a family? Kids? Grandkids? Wife's? Girlfriends? Childhood Sweethearts? What happens to them? Do they just get disacrded? Left alone to fend for themselves? Forever doomed to watch THEIR soulmate, find another? Okay, i know i sound a bit like starwars but you get what i mean!

But, then it gets you thinking, Imprinitng is also a good thing. What if, like Jacob, they DONT have any ties, what if they find their perfect soulmate? Then, they get their happily ever after. Just like the vamps. It may not be eternity, but it's a lifetime spent with the one that they love.

Going back to Brynnie86's point, I do agree with her about it being only infatuation. But surely, if it starts with infatutaion it grown into love. They speak about gravity and forces pullling you towards this one girl. What if this one girl is someone you've never met before? Aand you know NOTHING about her? That's not love. Iit's infatuation, or a crush. Only when they tell the girl their story, and start to get to know them, does it become love.

okay, i have some other views, but i shall post them later, my hands hurt!

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Post by masara »

i would find comfort in imprinting. for me, it's not taking away choice, but leading me towards the right one. yes, sam was happy with leah, but he might not always have been. it could have ended with heart ache, divorce and children caught in between. i know that's a negative way to look at it. but in today's world it's true. and that would leave leah to find domeone that would make her even happier than sam. yes it would hurt, but eventually i think she'd be grateful. and i'd imagine that it would take away so many insecurities, that you could be yourself with them from the begining. for someone as painfully shy as i am, that would be liberating. i am for imprinting.
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Post by jurgienicole »

Well i like to look at it like Love at First sight! even tho its not... i don't think its entirely fair but it is pretty cool i mean that they could feel like that so strongly without really knowing the person and that they have to charm to lure the other in... Its pretty neat in my book!

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Post by twilighter101 »

Well when you look at imprinting, to me it is as lovely as human love. But it comes from different points of views. In the imprinters case it might be a good thing. But in Sam's case what if you were already in love with somebody, now you have to break their heart. That would be unfair to the other person you love and you. But it takes you towards a love that is unbroken and final. where you can tell that person everything, which is good. :)
The imprintee would more or less be suprised. But again in the first example what if you already had somebady that would just make it more confusing.
So I will just say in certain points of views imprinting is good. But in other cases it can be confusing and can break hearts. So I cannot decide if it is good or bad, so I say it is okay.
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Post by Alice's Grandma »

Wow, this thread exploded! when I read it last night it was only one page! I based my reply on that one page. My apologies ahead of time if I end up repeating what someone else says. I'll post what I wrote and catch up on the three pages of posts afterwards.

My biggest problem with the concept of imprinting is I've never understood its purpose. Why does the pack imprint? What is the point? Since I've never been able to answer that question, I've found it difficult to "buy" into the idea. But I also believe that my lack of acceptance also comes from my lack of knowledge. We've only been exposed to imprinting in one book and I'm hoping we get more information in Breaking Dawn. I've begun to wonder if it has to do with keeping the wolf blood strong, especially since all the imprinting has been within the Native American community. If this were true I might have a different opinion.

LisaCullenAZ wrote:
For today's purpose, however, I will argue that imprinting can be, especially the way Stephenie has written it, every bit as lovely and wholesome and healthy as ordinary human love.
I agree, but it can also be just as heartbreakingly tragic, just like real love. Which really makes me think there really isn't much of a difference between natural love and imprinting, except with imprinting there is the lack of free will.
I assume, from what I've read and what I understand about imprinting, that a person would only imprint on that one individual who will make them MOST happy. Someone they would have fallen in love with anyhow, had circumstances allowed them the chance to do it naturally.
My reply may be incorrect since I haven't read anything about imprinting, but if circumstances didn't allow it to happen naturally then, was it really meant to happen? I hate "what ifs" but I'm going to do it anyway'What if one of the pack's mate, the ONE person he/she would be most happy with lives all the way across the country. Does imprinting alter the universe in order for them to meet and imprint? I find it rather interesting that so far, they have all imprinted within a close knit group of people. That's a bit too convenient for me to believe that the ONE person each of these men were suppose to fall in love with anyway, the one that would make them the happiest happens to live within a 100 mile(?) radius. Which is why I continue to wonder about the purpose of imprinting.
Obviously the age difference in Quil and Claire's case is hard to comprehend without getting the shivers.
I had to quote this, it cracked me up. There is a 14 year age difference between my husband and myself! We are Quill and Claire, except he didn't know me when I was toddling around learning how to walk and as someone pointed out on the Dex, being potty trained!

ouisa wrote:
It makes them suddenly desire the person they've imprinted on and makes them become whatever she wants or needs.
This line alone sent icky shivers through my body. Yea, lack of free will. You make some serious valid points!
wouldn't you rather know that your love choose to be with you everyday, even on the hard ones than know that no matter how rough things are he's never able to leave? That he's bound to you forever?
This is where I feel I need more information. Does imprinting take away that want to leave? If you're happily oblivious to your lack of free will is it still violating your freedom of choice?

My difficulty in answering definitively whether I agree or disagree with imprinting is it seems as though in some cases it can work out wonderfully like Jared and Kim. On the other hand, Sam/Emily/Leah and Quill/Claire's situations are full of complications. Even if Jacob were to imprint, where does that leave his feelings for Bella? Imprinting at best seems to be just as difficult and complex as true love, which leads me back to my original question, what's the point of imprinting if it's so similar to true love?
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