Imprinting....As good as human love?

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Post by glenak »

It is in this area that I don't agree with a lot of Twilight fans and Stephenie Meyer.

Love means so much when you get to know someone, their flaws, their weaknesses, their strengths and their capabilities. And love blooms over time.

Most of all, Love is all about choice, like every other thing in life. We are all allowed to make that chioce. To love or not to love. That is beauty of life, and that is the fundamental aspect of being human.

Look at Sam. He loved Leah, and then imprinted on someone else. He didn't choose to, because that's not how imprinting works. He just stared at a different girl and BAM - that was it. He was hooked.

That's not choice. That just makes the whole purpose of love meaningless. It makes Twilight sound more like a cartoon than anything.
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Post by EdwardsGirl »

Ok, this is my first time participating in show some mercy upon my stupidity. *grins*

Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love? For the imprinter? For the imprintee?
**There are many ways to view imprinting in a good light and a dark shadow.

On one side, you have the whole concept that the imprinter cannot help himself/herself from imprinting upon the imprintee. It is kind of sad, and does rule out some of the human choices that he/she could have. You know, the whole going out with different people and learning from your mistakes. Then there is the poor imprintee...with a small amount of say in the matter. He/she has been thrust into something that he/she may not want. Bummer...

However, it can also be seen as an absolutely wonderful thing. The imprinter has automatically been shown the person that will make him/her complete! It is like divine get what I mean. (haha) Then there the imprintee is, with someone there who is willing to die from him/her. It is a love and adoration that you just cannot ignore. And if it is destiny, I'm pretty sure you would feel the same adoration and love towards the imprinter. imprinting as good as ordinary human love? I say yes. The whole concept of finding love is the same. We all have to go through a search for love...causing heartbreak, happiness, pain, etc. Take Jacob for example, his heart is broke because him and Bella will never be. She chose Edward...not him. He still had to go through the human feelings to eventually find the one he is meant to be with. When/If he finally will be just like when an ordinary human finds love.

Make sense? I hope so....*grins*

Does it undermine the worth of love if you have no say about it? Does it make a relationship stronger -- or less meaningful -- if there is no possibility that the imprinter will ever fall out of love?
**I do not believe that it undermines the worth of love at all...because I believe that the imprinter and imprintee are destined for each other, resulting in the fact that they would not want to be apart.

How would you feel about either imprinting or being imprinted on?
**Now I will be honest, I would not like to be a part of either side. It creeps me out just a wee bit. To be thrust into a situation like that would cause me to go crazy...haha

What do you think Stephenie wants us to think about imprinting?
**I believe that all of us need to have our own educated opinions on every know, think for yourself.

However, she probably wants us to realize that imprinting is a beautiful thing. It is falling in love...werewolf style. :-)
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MegFairy wrote:before i get started i'd like to say that, like Lisa, i have a terrible time picking a side on this one. when it comes down to it, i don't know that i can! this may be because of my lack of knowledge in the subject. while i have been before, i'm not currently in love.

there is something to be said about picking your significant other. but sometimes, no matter how much you love them and how much you try, they are not the one for you. now, let it be known that i am one for trying my darndest at relationships and know that for success to be achieved it takes a whole heck of a lot of work.

on the flip side, there is something special about knowing without a doubt that this person is the one for you. you don't have to play games, you don't have to worry about anything. it's just blissful perfection as set out by the universe! :D

Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love?...for my argument i'm going to use Bella and her love for Edward as my example of human love. granted, Edward is not a human, but Bella is and it's an example we can all understand. yes, i would say that they are both powerful and good. Does Jared love Kim less than Bella loves Edward? does Bella love Edward less than Sam loves Emily? Gravity moving is a pretty heavy thing. the love that comes from imprinting is incredibly powerful! but Bella's human love for Edward is arguably just as powerful. more or less? i don't think so; just different.
Further, I can't imagine how horrible I would feel were he already married, especially if they had children. I can't imagine ruining someone's home. How could I accept such a love, even if it was perfect?
this is where i would have trouble. i can't justify someone else's pain with my own happiness. but what can you do!? argh! sigh. luckily i don't find myself in that situation because i have no idea what i would do in order to live with myself.

i'm sure i'll sound like the silly woman that i am when i say this but here goes. if a werewolf from La Push imprinted on me i would be ecstatic! i would never have to worry that he would suddenly stop loving me, or that he would suddenly show his true colors and end up being a monster which is more than i can say for any of my human dating endeavors. i would trade being chosen from among other women for having someone who will be unwavering in his love for me no matter what and do everything in his power to make me happy.

I agree soooo much. If it was going to hurt someone else, I could never fathom it- my happiness is not worth someone's ruin. Ever. That would turn me against it in a rather large way. But I don't know about the La Push Werewolves- I don't think I'd enjoy fighting the vampires- not okay.
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Post by mandustries »

December wrote:But not because of any corresponding magical transformation inside him or her. Just because...well...the imprinter will be everything they could possibly want. Somehow the universe has been arranged so that the match just WILL be perfect for them. There are seemingly two separate ideas here: 1) the act of imprinting actually ensures this match will work (the imprinter is now driven to become everything the imprintee could want); but also: the imprinting is just the revelation of something that was always meant to be (the imprinting would never have happened if this weren't the right match).
The first idea you brought up December is something I don't quite understand. When imprinting, both parties supposedly fall completely in love. Yet, why is the imprinter driven to become everything the imprintee could ever want? I know that in love and relationships both parties need to work together to grow and change into the best partners they can be. But in an imprinting case, is it just the imprinter that grows and changes, is compelled to grow and change, into what the imprintee wants them to be?

Imprinting seems so final and unchanging in this sense ... Once the imprinter makes the changes, they're "perfect." but what happens when more changes are needed to be made later on down the road? Does the imprinter have to change again?

I guess to fully understand both sides of the situation, we'd need to know more of Emily's story.
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Re: Imprinting....As good as human love?

Post by eyesthathypnotize »

When imprinting was first mentioned in Eclipse, I found it a strange yet interesting concept. How wonderful it would be, if rather than spending so many days/months/years/your entire lifetime looking for that one soulmate, you simply knew they were the one via gravitational pull? :shock:

Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love? For the imprinter? For the imprintee?

I think that imprinting is an ordinary human love for the imprinter, not so much the imprintee. The imprinter knows deep inside, that this person is the one for them, they're their destiny. But why should an imprintee trust the imprinter's feelings? It wouldn't be fair to be forced into a relationship simply because it's supposedly right and meant to be...There wouldn't be much justice in that. :?

Does it undermine the worth of love if you have no say about it? Does it make a relationship stronger -- or less meaningful -- if there is no possibility that the imprinter will ever fall out of love?

Imprinting, however, does not undermine the worth of love in any way. It's simply a different way of going through the proccess. We're all used to seeing, dating, liking, loving as humans. Due to this, we may start to downgrade imprinting because it's not a method we're used to. But for all we know, and what I believe is that it could be the perfect way of winding up in a strong, unbreakable, extrordinarily loving relationship... :)

How would you feel about either imprinting or being imprinted on?

I think that if I was an imprinter, I would be extremely nervous and scared. I mean, imprinting seems to be such a strong concept, and to be able to feel such a strong emotion would probably scare me a little. I'd be nervous, because, how would you really tell a person you've imprinted on them, without them thinking you're psychotic? It could be a completely random person on the street, which would call for an awkward conversation... The imprintee would probably be just as scared. How do you know that the person isn't just mangling with your feelings, trying to upset you for some unknown reason?... :?

What do you think Stephenie wants us to think about imprinting?

I think that Stephenie wants us to enjoy the idea of imprinting, but at the same time see the difficulties such a thing would cause. Imagine being so in love with someone, getting married and settling down, when all of a sudden your partner imprints on someone. How would you cope? I also think that Mrs.Meyer wants us to consider and think about some of the odd situations people could fall in love in. :)

If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you not give it? If it was someone you truly loved?...
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Post by vampiress21 »

Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love? For the imprinter? For the imprintee?
Does it undermine the worth of love if you have no say about it? Does it make a relationship stronger -- or less meaningful -- if there is no possibility that the imprinter will ever fall out of love?
How would you feel about either imprinting or being imprinted on?
What do you think Stephenie wants us to think about imprinting?

I think that imprinting is stronger than human love the way Stephenie describes it so I really think that it is not ordinary for either side.

I think it would make the relashionship stronger because you have an unbreakable bond. I don't think it is less meaningful cause there is nothing like it and because it is just so strong.

I'm not sure how I really feel about wanting to be imprinted it would be kind of nice to have that kind of bond with some one and to just share that kind of love but at the same time I don't know if I would want to be put in the position to have to think about it.
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Post by It_is_a_NewMoon »

I think imprinting is very unfair, I feel sorry for all the characters that experience it. Like Sam and Leah, that was sad...but good for Emily. There are winners and losers.
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Post by Saskia »

i think imprintig is finding your true love..
like love on first sight...
When you imprint you would do everything or be everything to make your true love happy.
i think you could also call the love between edward and bella imprinting. Their love is so strong. They would die for each other!

Why should it be fair? Or better why not?
Love isn't always fair, because you could hurt other poeple. Like Sam hurt Lea when he imprinted on Emily.
But that could have happend even if he didn't imprint. He could just have fallen in love with Emily the normal way. It wouldn't make a difference.
The only difference between imprinting and the normal way of falling in love is, that you can't ignore your feelings when you imprint.. and your feelings don't get weaker.
It's a more honest way of having a relationship, because there is no way of pretending your feelings. They are true.

I hope that wasn't too confusion. I just had to write down what I was thinking when I first read the question^^ so perhaps my opinion changes when I think about it more... but that's it for now =)
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Post by Sarah921 »

The way I understand imprinting is you look at someone and WOAH. You're in love. You still get to know the person, but it's almost like it doesn't matter.[/quote]

I completely agree with this statement. It's like the person imprinting feels an unbreakable connection and then the imprinting shifts around that person's particular set of circumstances, like Quil and Clare. It will probably take several years for Clare to really understand the depth of his commitment to her.

I think fighting imprinting would emotionally kill whomever was fighting it. Jacob would want to fight it, I think that's pretty obvious when Bella wonders aloud whether or not he'll imprint and he says it's too late for anything like that with him because of her presence in his life. But, then, I wonder why he isn't reminded of poor Sam's situation with Leah. Sam was ripping Leah's heart out and he knew it and hated it, but there was no way he could survive without Emily, though part of him still loves Leah.

There's an essentialness that comes with imprinting. Edward and Bella have imprinted in all but word...even Edward describes imprinting as being "almost" as strong as the way he feels about Bella. If I were Bella and I heard him say that, it would have knocked my socks off.
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Post by Starinatstars03 »

Heart Song wrote: Imprinting is a forgone conclusion and as much love and devotion are there it seems to me to lack the depth that comes from choosing to love someone.
I disagree with this. IMO You can still choose to love someone. Well the imprintee can anyways.
Just look at Emily. She didn't want Sam at first. She detested him for hurting Leah and then for her being the reason he hurt her.
So she CHOSE not to be with him at first, that is until he went all wolf-boy on her and giving her those scars.
Instead of getting mad at him and hating him even more though she CHOSE to comfort him. Love him.

Now for my own opinion on the matter...
Is imprinting as good as ordinary human love? For the imprinter? For the imprintee?
I believe it is BETTER than ordinary human love. Neither the imprinter nor the imprintee will ever regret GETTING together. Now they may not like the way that it happened or who they hurt in the process but it still remains that both they know that they belong together.

Does it undermine the worth of love if you have no say about it? Does it make a relationship stronger -- or less meaningful -- if there is no possibility that the imprinter will ever fall out of love?
When i think about love i don't always think about having a choice when it comes to falling in it. Now there's the choice to fall out of it of course. But not when it comes to falling in. It can happen in a second. It could happen in a month. It could happen in a year. But when it done.

How would you feel about either imprinting or being imprinted on?
I personally would love to either imprint or be imprinted on. And its not just my romantic side that thinks this way. Even logically i think this is a beautiful process. I'll explain my reasons why....Have you ever experienced heart break? It hurts like hell. And there is so much regret for ever falling for that person. At times i find myself up at night just bawling my eyes and hating myself for being so stupid. If there was a different way to fall in love... a way that meant i was able to find my one true soul mate and know for a fact that it was real and would always last you best believe i would jump at the chance for that in a heartbeat.

I don't see it as losing my free will or even my partner losing his free will. Its just some unknown power giving us a wake up call to let us know that the other one exists that are soul mate is right there and to take the love that is meant for us.

What do you think Stephenie wants us to think about imprinting?
I think she wants us to think of it exactly how i do, an amazing gift. Hope that it is possible to find our one true love.
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