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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:57 am
by vampiregrrrl110
Was Edward a complete and utter idiot to leave Bella in NM? The answer, quite simply, is 'yes'. Was he justified in this matter? In his own way, also, the answer would be a, 'yes'. Was he also tragically mistaken in this matter? YES!

Edward being a vampire of 106/107 years of existence, and of seeing as much time of humans, their faults, and their memories, he believed it was the right thing to do. As he stated in TW, he had to choose between what was right, and what he wanted. In this case, what was 'right', in his opinion, of course, took precedence.

Edwrad thought the only way to keep Bella safe, was to leave her, so, in a way, his decision was justified.

Edward, having a pretty good grasp on normal human behaviour, thought that his capacity for love was greater than Bella's. He was also sadly mistaken in this fact. He did not take into consideration the fact that Bella, however painfully human she may be, is not normal, under any circumstances.

His underestimation of Bella was what caused him to be tragically mistaken, and he has learned from his mistake, thankfully, and realised his errors.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:37 am
by Still Betting on Alice
Visitor wrote:
As for Eclipse strengthening Bella and Edward's relationship... I disagree. For me, it did little to nothing for their relationship... and, if anything, it weakened it. Edward started doubting Bella's love for real, Bella realized that Edward wasn't the only person on the planet, and both danced around the issues.
On points one and two, I agree. I don't see how the events of Eclipse made their relationship stronger. Edward's absence and subsequent return simply exposed weaknesses in their relationship that were never before seen. I've said this before, but if I were Edward, I'd contemplate leaving her again. Because he was right to leave the first time. He would be right again. Could he in good conscious change Bella knowing that she could still have a decent human future, even if it wasn't the future she chose? I sometimes question whether the answer is worth risking both their souls.
To me, Edward's leaving and return was a learning experience for them both. It began a string of events that last through Eclipse which bring them understandings of themselves and understandings of each other. These things they learn in turn help them to make the decisions that they both make.

I know Bella didn't jump of that cliff to die, but she did to hear Edward'she did something risky, stupid and life threatening because she couldn't let go of him. And then in her epiphany she and we learn hearing Edward was because she knew he still loved her. Her love for Edward would have never have gone a way. I will admit that she could have moved on with Jacob. While she was with him, the pain was better' but it was still there and when she was without Jacob it would engulf her again. I think there would always be Edward, she would never escape that. She did fall in love with Jacob, and she learned all the parts of what she would be losing, and learned that she could live without that, but not without Edward. I think it was about not wanting to just survive, but to really LIVE. Through the string of events she learned what she needed to LIVE.

Edward, he learned just as much. That Bella truly loved him the way he has seen love in the couples of his family, that it was not a normal 17 year old's love. He learned that she tried to move on but it wasn't her choice for herself. Then, Bella did love Jacob and I think he was trying to give Bella the choice of Jacob when he finally let her go see him and spend time with him. I think there was always a part of Edward that wanted her to choose Jacob and that normal human life. But there was the imprinting issue and the fact that Edward knew what leaving did to Bella the first time. He learned that for both their lives sake this choice about changing her and them being together forever is the path that all of these events have brought them to. ("So I choose option three'It didn't work, and it very nearly killed us both." EC page 501.)

All this to say two things.

1) I think that with all the personal growing, learning and strengthening of both Bella and Edward that is it inevitable and natural that their relationship went through the same thing. In the end Bella was able to choose who she could not live without and Edward was able to accept what it means. Only a strong relationship can make it through all these things that are on Edward's and Bella's shoulders, and I don't think that either one of them, or the relationship, was strong enough before the string of events that were brought on by Edward's leaving. To me, the relationship was getting stronger and strong enough to handle it all.

2) I don't think Edward leaving a second time would force Bella into the normal human life choice. She can not live without him!! I don't think when she says this that they are just words, she means it. She truly does know what she can't live without, and it is all because of what has happened to them and the relationship. "I cannot live without my life, I cannot live without my soul". When Edward quotes this, she responds in agreement, that this is what she was trying to say. I don't think leaving would work the second time either.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:55 pm
by TeamEdward/Robert ! (L)
I do think it had been a mistake to leave Bella and all.
But he did it because he wanted her to live a human life. He felt he was the reason why she's almost been killed or when she got
attacked by Jasper.
He hated being away from her, he missed her just as she missed him. He knows it was a mistake to leave her.

He best not do it again :)

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:37 pm
by jacob'sleah
Edward ALWAYS(!!!) has the best intentsions for Bella. When you are truly in love with someone there is nothing you won't do for them. In his own way Edward was showing his true passion for his love for Bella. She might not have seen it. But we got a glimpse. Unfortunatley this was the only was for Bella to see what it would have been like with out him. She would have been with Jacob and never felt the need to be with Edward every minute of every day.

Although I would not like to live through something like this myself. I proved to help Bella put her joy and happiness in perspective. Most everything happens for a reason. I think Edward need to give himself a little slack. He did what he thought was right at the time. But thank GOD he learned his lesson and let's hope he doesn't need to repeat it again.

kind of...

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:58 pm
by pinklover3691
NETSPEAK IS SO UNATTRACTIVE PLEASE FIX ME! i guess he was a little stupid leaving her because he knew that she could never ever forget him! but he did what he thought was best and he was only trying to protect her. he shouldnt have left her but it all turned out ok in the end...

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 4:22 pm
by Violet Eyed11
hmmm well, i think Edward had Bella's best interest in mind, even though leaving was completely idiotic.

i was crying :cry: and screaming at my book when he left, my mom came in to see what was wrong with but i was so sad and it took FOREVER for him to come back.

i think he was being dumb and how could he think that Bella would be normal? that her mind would be like a sieve, i think he said?

but he would never do anything to hurt Bella. intentionally, anyway.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:10 pm
by allixTE
[Sorry it's so long, i got a little carried away (:]

I think that Edward was justified in leaving. He truly thought that he was doing what was best for her. His leaving actually made New Moon my favorite of the three books, because it made the story so much more important and complex and interesting.

Some part of me also thinks Edward was a little selfish. I think that he might have left because he couldn't stand to see her hurt in front of him again. He would do anything just to protect her, and in turn by leaving he is protecting himself from ever seeing her hurt again, or so he thinks. When she was almost killed at her birthday party, he realizes that he can't keep risking her life for his own selfish desires. In Twilight, he mentions to her that they shouldn't be friends, but that he won't leave her because he desires her company too much. He really does just want the best for Bella, but she thinks Edward is what she needs, so he is stuck with convincing her that he doesn't want her. He knows that Bella thinks she's not good enough for him, and he uses that to try and protect her, no matter how much he would like to have her figure it out on her own. So firm is Bella in her resolve that Edward is what's best for her, that he must try to leave her for her own safety. He has no choice.

I believe that Edward also thinks that she is as normal as Jessica or Angela, and that she will react as normal as any other 18 year old whose relationship has just ended. Of course, we know that he is wrong, but he doesn't. He can't read her thoughts, and he thinks she is just an infatuated teenager. He just doesn't realize how infatuated. I think it's not his fault that she reacted the way she did, its nobody's fault. He was just trying to give her a chance at a normal human life. I personally don't think that's much of an excuse, because when you've met and been involved with a mythical creature theres kind of no hope of going back to normalcy, but i can understand his reasoning.

I think also that if he could read her thoughts that New Moon would be an incredibly different story. He would have known how much she is absorbed by him, and he could have known that she would be devastated if he left. Therefore, i think he would have never left, trying to spare them both the anguish, and Bella and Jacob's relationship could not have formed and become what it is. By leaving, Edward confirmed his feelings for Bella, as did she for him.

I think that as sad or even depressing as it was, Edward had to leave in New Moon.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:25 pm
by jacob'sleah
I agree with the the person who thinks all of this mess needed to happen. He needed to leave. If he didn't we wouldn't have gotten to know Jacob, what a shame. It worked itself out in the end.

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:10 pm
by calynnea
As terrible as it was...I think it was 100% necessary. Because, even if he hadn't left then, the idea would have still always been there, in the back of Edward's mind...waiting to jump back into his thoughts the next time Bella got hurt. He would be continually wondering if he should leave...trying to push himself to the point of leaving.... Like the way he was right before he left - cold and distant. That wouldn't have been good for either of them in the long run, either. There would have always been the tension...the possibility of him leaving. Now that it's over and done with, in spite of all the problems it caused, they can continue on in the confidence that they won't go through it again.

Also, before, they doubted the other one's love. Edward didn't see how Bella could love him the way he loved her. And Bella didn't see anything special enough about herself to appeal to Edward. Only after spending the time apart, and seeing the pain the separation caused for both of them, can they now consider themselves on equal footing. And although Edward and Bella would probably never admit it themselves, I think it means they can be happier in the long run.

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:42 am
by Quickening
Both Edward and Bella underestimate the other's devotion. The events in New Moon make it so by the end, they both know that the other loves them to the point that Edward can't leave again.