Was Edward an idiot to leave Bella in NM?

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Post by FloatingMuffins » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:42 am

Was Edward an idiot to leave Bella in NM? Or was it justified? Was this noble of him, or arrogant, or selfish, or stupid, or just tragically mistaken? If you think it was wrong of him (rather than just a terrible mistake), can you forgive him?

Well, Edward was an idiot. But it was also justified. It was noble, yet stupid. And I obviously can forgive him.

Edward was idiotic. He couldn't see the amount of love Bella had for him. But it was justified by the amount of pain that he put himself in. He had an idea of how he would react, but he had no idea that Bella would basically mirror that pain. We have seen a mere glimpse of a day of Edward's point of view, and he was emotionally crippled beyond relief. Stephenie Meyer said that she wouldn't write New Moon from Edward's PoV because it would be too sad and depressing. Edward was, in ways, crippled on the same level or even more than Bella. Bella had some motivation to keep moving, to keep living. Sure, the first four months, she had been an empty shell, but she didn't completely go into herself and lock out everyone else. Bella hadn't run away from Charlie, or do anything drastic, because it would kill Charlie.

Edward, on the other hand, locked everyone else out. He was so crippled, he couldn't even face his family. Not even Carlisle or Esme or Alice. Not even some that he looked up to or would die for. He was withdrawn and was completely ruined.

Edward put himself in so much pain, just for a chance for Bella to be happy. That, was not all selfish, but self-less. Edward was slightly arrogant, thinking that if he left everything would go smoothly and Bella would move on, but he didn't anticipate the possibility of Bella spiraling into the same deep depression. But all of this is understandable and forgivable.

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Post by Door_Hinge » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:48 am

First thing I want to address was what Ostentatious6277 said:

Honestly, I think Edward was being selfish.

I think that what he told Bella was a load of bullcrap. I mean, he admitted that he loved her. I think that he was just leaving because he needed a break from having to resist the temptation. Not trying to bash Edward or something. But yes, he is a frickin idiot.

No! That wasn't it at all. Edward loved, and loves, Bella more than anything on the planet. The temptation was nothing, and he was in far worse pain during the time he was away from her than he'd ever been in around her (see: 'pretty much curled up into a ball and let the misery have me', etc).

Onto the topic, now. I think Edward was being absolutely selfless, even if he was horribly, horribly wrong. Being that he is a self-proclaimed 'selfish creature', this decision was the hardest one he'd ever made, and he made it for Bella, the singular being whose happiness and well being could be more important to him than his own.

I have to say, New Moon was a tough read for me - and I've never gone through anything close to what they went through. But it put me in tears many a time. I felt what Bella was feeling, because at that point I had been in her head for all of Twilight and the beginning of New Moon.

That said, I understand why she couldn't be angry at Edward when she finally had him back. I understood why she didn't make him beg her for forgiveness (and by the way, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes she'd never jumped off that damn cliff. I would have loved to see Edward come groveling as he had intended to in just a few more short days). And I definitely understood why she couldn't believe what he'd said. I felt her coming out of her numb stupor, and it was heartwrenching.

Oh, I forgot. YES, Edward was horribly arrogant to think for a moment that Bella would move on. I think, even if she'd made the decision to try to move on with Jacob, she would have gone back to Edward at the drop of a hat. She would never have 'moved on'.

To sum it up: Edward was tragically mistaken. But it happens, and love doesn't hold grudges.

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Post by AlwaysEdwards » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:51 am

First off, I do not think Edward was being SELFISH, but I do think it was an extremely stupid thing to leave her. I also think it was a bit insulting to Bella, I mean if he loved her more than life itself and he knew he couldn't survive without her, how did he think it would be to Bella? Did he really think her affections weren't as strong as his? Did he really think she would forget? I find that a bit insulting.
I do think Edward was trying what was best for her though, We all know he really cares and he really was trying. I'm going with it was just a horrible mistake, and they all have to live with the consequences now. I don't think Edward is a bad or selfish person, and he was suffering just as much as Bella. We just can't feel as bad for him as we do for Bella because we don't have new moon in his point of view, only in Bella's.
Lastly, I just have to say that the one thing he did wrong in his already wrong mistake, was to have Alice stop looking for Bella's future, if he really cared about her, he should have let Alice make sure she wasn't dying or perhaps being stalked by Victoria!
But I still love Edward and I would have forgave him, but I would have made him talk about it with me instead of ignoring it like Bella.
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Post by looking_4_my_edward » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:58 am

I'm torn. When I read the scene where Edward leaves Bella, I cried and cursed Edward for being such a d*ck. All the way through New Moon (until Bella goes to Italy) I was totally Team Jacob, and didn't want Edward to come back after causing Bella so much pain. But after reading Edward's explanation, and the outtakes on SM's website, I realised that this was something that had to happen to improve and strengthen Bella and Edward's relationship. I also now understand why Edward did it, and I agree with him to a point.

The one thing I can't understand, though, is how he could stand there and lie to Bella like that, saying he didnt love her and didn't want her. I know he said that he is a good liar, but I still don't know how he could say those things while keeping such a calm facade and straight face.
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Post by RainyForks » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:58 am

Smiley383 wrote:(Pshhh, it's Edward Cullen too)
Actually that is also, my opinion in a nutshell. Lol.

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Post by us.littlefairy » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:11 pm

Everyone makes mistakes even vampires. Edward thought buy staying he was being selfish because he wasn't giving her a change to see the world without him and get some prescriptive. Yes he knew she loved him but as you also remember he said it was only a fraction of what he felt meaning he didn't really understand how she felt at all. Buy staying witch is what he wanted he would put her in danger. He didn't want to make her a vampire like him because he thought she derived much more than that. He thought of him self as a monster and didn't want her to become one too. Alice saw what she might become and he knew it as well. If he stayed the only option would be to turn her. He felt like Bella would feel she didn't have a choice because of the danger she was in and he wanted her to have a choice because he didn't. He saw what being with her was doing to her and felt it was his fault for letting it go so far because it was what he wanted. He never imaged in a thousand years she would react that way because he didn't think anyone could love someone like him that way and that strong. He had seen it all. Lots of marriages and relationships go bad over time and thought if he could just walk away she could move on and live her life with out his added danger. Walking a way was the hardest thing he had ever done but he thought staying was the selfish thing to do.
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Post by dark romance » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:20 pm

I hated the fact that Edward left and it crushed me, but I accepted that it had to be done for their relationship to grow stronger. Edward had to do what he thought was best because he loves Bella so much. After finishing New Moon, I respect Stephenie so much more. That plot line was so brave and only few books can be so emotional and heart-breaking that you experience the pain yourself.

In conclusion, I agree that Edward's decision was justified.
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Post by eliphino » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:23 pm

I think it was a mistake that Edward left Bella in New Moon. I know he did it to "protect" her, and he thought it was for her benefit.

But when I got done reading eclipse i started to think about what if Edward hadn't ever left bella...she wouldn't have ever known what it felt like to be without him. So when Jacob told her to choose between himself and Edward there might have been the chance that bella would have chosen Jacob instead of Edward.
so, personally, i think it was good that he left her.( but im glad he came back:) )

(sorry if this got kind of confusing)
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Post by overajump » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:25 pm

Edward's leaving was def justified! He left her for HER, not for himself. He didn't want to physically hurt her. I actually think that Edward didn't know if he could control himself around her, and he didn't want to take that chance because he already knew how much he cared for her. I believe that the only reason he left was for her own good; to keep her safe. That, to me, sounds like true love, and if that reasoning isn't justified enough, then I don't know what is.
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it was justified

Post by whatonlyisee » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:29 pm

warning spoiler (as if anyone on here has not read eclipse)

to better understand the reason as to why Edward chose to do what he did we most look harder than the act. eclipse pg 500 on hard cover this is the part were edward is explaining to jake why he did what he did and the 4 possibilities.

now i will quote the passage directly

Jacob, from the second that i realized that i loved her, i knew there was only four possibilities. the first alternative, and the best one for Bella, was that she dint feel as strongly for me- if she got over me and moved on. i would accept that, though it would never change the way i felt. you think of me as a . . . living stone- hard and cold. that's true.
we are set the way we are, and it is very rare for us to experience a real change. when that happens as when Bella entered my live, it is apermanent change. there is no going back....

*ok now do u see how strong he feels
but there is more.

the second the one that I'd originally chosen, was to stay with her thought her human life. it was not a good option for her, to waist her life with someone who could not be human with her, but it was a alternative i could most easily face. knowing all along thatwhen she died, i would find a way to die too.
*now i will skip to the end of option 2
i was terrified that i wouldn't get those sixty years if i stayed with her while she was human.

"so i chose option three. which turned out to be the worst mistake of my very long life, as you know. i chose to take myself out of her world, hopping to force her into the first alternative. it did not work, and it very nearly killed us both"

now i will quote a part from pg 502 where he is still talking to Edward.

but im not stupid enough to make the same mistake i made before, jacob. i wont try to force her into that first option again.as long as she wants me, im here"

so can he be that bad?
no because he thought of everything he was not being selfish he wants a better live for her that is all.
he made a mistake and im sure that with someone less stubborn than Bella it would have worked but no
there love is inevitable that is that.
his actions were in there own way justified


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