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Post by edward_is_better_ » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:44 am

DecemberRain wrote:
edward_is_better_ wrote:I can see what you two mean.I think Bella is mentally mature enough to truly fall in love and go through work marriage.Bella is constantly thinking about her negative feelings towards marriage and hypothesises that its only because that's the way she was raised.if a person grows up looking at something from a specific perspective they obviously grow some sort exceptance or embrace of that point of view.As Bella has about marriage.

For Jacob I still believe his love is still more infatuation.Such as in Romeo and Juliet Romeo believes himself to be desperately and hopelessly in love with Rosaline.Romeo was 16.But as soon as he saw Juliet he loved her inevitably and unconditionally.I think Jacob is still capable of truly falling in love,but that his love for Bella isnt just that.

I think that some teenagers can truly fall in love,as have you two have said,but some is the key word.A persons mental and emotional growth varies from person to person depending on the circumstances of their lives.Some people simply grow up quicker than others.

Its like what Rene says to Bella, that she has an "old soul", and that she is happy that Bella was able to find another "old soul" in Edward. Like it is said above, I too believe Bella is mature enough to fall in love and to make some of the crucial life decisions that she makes (getting married etc.).

The comparison you make to Romeo and Juliet in regard to Jake is, i think, accurate, but not completely. For Romeo, i don't think Juliet is just another girl. I think the connection runs much deeper than that. I feel the same is true for Jake. I think he truly does love Bella, and it isn't just an infatuation.

From experience, I don't think age matters when it comes to falling in love. Like you say, it does not happen often, but i do think it is very possible for teenagers to fall in love completely and deeply.

What do you think?
just to clarify,in my comparison Rosaline is Bella to Jacob and Juliet is whomever he imprints on.
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Post by hayweh » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:59 am

I think that we are meant to think that Bella and Jacob are old enough to make decisions for themselves. Because, if not, then it kind of negates Bella and Edwards relationship.

On the Jacob note, he could be seen as almost as mature as Bella or someone older than him because he has expierenced a lot more than most kids his age. Watching Bella go catatonic, Harry Clearwater dying, and becoming a werewolf - which leaves him responsible for the safety of all the Quilieutes. I think that makes him mature enough to make a decision like who he loves.
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Post by kpo987 » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:28 am

The thing is, these are not typical teenagers. Edward is immortal, Jacob is a werewolf, and Bella has been a part of the two worlds for a couple years now. Most teenage relationships are all about "I hope he asks me to prom" or "He's so hot, I wish I could marry him" These are such strong characters, and they are all so mature because Bella took care of her mother for years, and Jacob his father. If it were a case of Jake and Bella, and there was no werewolves or vampires, then they would probably be dating. People under-estimate what young people can handle and they think that because they are young, they don't know that they want and they aren't responsible enough. It really depends on the person, and in this case, Jacob and Bella know what they want.

Edward is a vampire, and when something happens to them, especially like a human entering his life, and he falls in love with her, it is a permanent thing. You can't go back on something like that, and just forget about it. When he left her, Bella was heartbroken. she went on with her life, but she was just an empty shell. He was gone for months and months, and she slowly started healing, but she was never the same when he was gone. If she can feel something like that towards someone, and still love him with everything she has when he returns, there is strength in that. If a ordinary teenager broke up with a boyfriend, they move on. But Bella and Edward are nothing but ordinary. If they can feel something like that that can survive armies of vampires, months of being without each other, and just plain being so unconventional, then they certainly have enough love to know that they want each other.

Bella doesn't want to get married mostly because she was brought up that way. her mother always told her to wait until she was old enough to make a proper decision, and never to marry when she was just out of high school. Also, Bella has her ties to the human world that you just can't cut off quickly and painlessly. You can't just leave your parents, your best friend who you love, and everything about being human. However, she wants Edward more than anything else. Even her mother, who always told her not to get married so young, knew that the marriage was coming. She saw the love that they had, and knew that this was for real. Charlie, however much he doesn't want to admit it, can see it too. Bella is torn between two worlds that she loves so dearly. Also, edward is forever 17, and I can see why she would want to get the transformation over with before she gets any older.

Wow. Sorry for the long post, hope you all can read it and comment on it.

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Post by alicecullengirl » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:58 am

Okay, let's see. We have to take into account that the characters of Twilight aren't normal, MySpace-surfing, MTV-watching teenagers. They spend most of their time doing homework and thinking about each other. While Bella is 17 (or 18, depending on the book), she is wise beyond her years after taking care of her mother for so long. Edward obviously isn't just your average Joe 17. At 107, he's a grown man who knows the difference between infatuation and love. About Jacob...I couldn't say the same. I think he may still confuse the two, and not really be in love with Bella.

So yes, I think Edward and Bella have the real thing. True love that only comes around once in a lifetime. Bella knows the consequences of her actions, and is willing to take the risks. However, I don't believe Jacob found true love with Bella. I think it started as a crush which grew into a kind of jealous love after seeing that Bella already had a boyfriend whom she loved.

That's all ^^
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Post by iriseyes » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:00 pm

I think that the ideas that everyone are coming up with are amazing. I whole heartedly agree that Bella is capable of making her own decisons about love. All of her life experiences have given a very mature view of the world. How many 18 year olds can say that they have been chased/attacked by multiple vampires, become best friends with a werewolf, faced a family of vampires that are practically royalty, and been devistated to the point of almost becoming catatonic. Oh, and being the one who has to look out for your mother while you were growing up. Bella is no ordinary teenager. She has the maturity to understand what love is and to act upon her feelings. She knows that what she feels for edward is real. Look what happened when he left. She can make her own decisions.

I also believe that Jacob has been through enough to realize love when he sees it. I don't believe that he should have gone to the lenghts that he did to make Bella see their love. Some of his actions showed how much maturity Jacob still needs to gain. For a 16 year old, he still has a ton of maturity. There are just some things that he still has to learn. No one ever stops learning and gaining life lessons. Jacob is two years behind Bella. Think about what happened to Bella in those two years. Despite this, I still believe that Jacob has been through enough to recognize something more than a crush. I would like to say, now that Bella has chosen Edward, that i hope that Jacob gets imprinted. That's it for me.

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Post by home2washington » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:19 pm

Okay, I want to commend Jacob for being that open and honest with his emotions at that age. They say that women mature faster than men, that may or may not be true, but its still amazing that he felt so strongly about Bella at that age. However, he may have had a little extra oomph from the whole werewolf effect.

Bella is 18 and totally capable of having feelings as strong and genuine as that. If the right person comes along, and that person is your soul mate, then I think anything is possible with love. People underestimate love all the time.

Now, since both Bella and Jake are fictional, the real world isn't too dissimilar itself. Every person matures in their own time and way, so to judge one person according to, say, Bella's standards, or even Jacob's, or Edward's, isn't quite fare. I honestly think that teenagers shouldn't date until they're 16. I feel they can miss important things about having a relationship because their actions are usually controlled by hormones instead of their heart or mind (ESPECIALLY GUYS). I could be wrong, but that's just the way I see it. But, everyone is different, and i'm not one to judge, so love is love and feelings are feelings. Only you can tell if you're being honest with whoever you like or love; or even being honest with yourself.
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Post by samantha » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:25 pm

I don't trust most teenagers to bag my groceries, let alone make decisions about love. There's no doubt that Bella thinks she's in love 100 percent, and since Stephenie Meyer created these characters, Bella probably has found true love. But if this were real life, vampire or not, Bella and Edward probably would not work out. The love Jake feels for Bella is the one i'm most skeptical about. Edward is the only one who has really experienced what life has to offer and therefore knows what he wants out of it.

It's easier to understand Bella's situation if you look at it from Stephenie's perspective-- a mormon perspective. Of course she would be writing based off of her own cultural experience, and that means that she's writing about the character's emotions from the viewpoint of a sheltered society whose members typically marry at a young age. Truly, Bella has no idea what love is, but that doesn't change the fact that she thinks she does and probably will never know the difference.
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Post by EB fanatic » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:37 pm

both Bella and Jacob are leading lives that are unlike ours. they live lives where making huge decisions aren't easy to avoid. bella is so much more mature than most teenagers and she's made a lot of huge decisions once edward and jacob came along into her life. she decided that she wasn't going to avoid Edward when he gave her that choice and now that decision is foretelling the rest of her life. she had always been like a middle aged woman and she continues to be that way. her decisions based on how much she loves the people around her are not ones that take her two minutes to make because she knows the outcome of her choices and how they are going to affect the people she cares about. bella believes that she's too young for marriage yet old enough to spend the rest of her life with edward is due to fear. her fear of marriage and renee is what causes her to believe that she's too young to marry.

as for jacob, he's been living a similar life as bella. he's been taking care of his father and has made huge decisions on account of bella. when it comes to her, he is quite sure of what he is doing. if he's that willing to get her to give herself a chance that living a normal life, then he's is in love with bella. although, how he went about trying to show bella that he loved her was immature, he is still sixteen so he isn't completely mature. he does love Bella but he doesn't know how to go about expressing his feelings because he's never had to deal with something to this extreme.

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Post by Still Betting on Alice » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:38 pm

Long post, sorry, but there is so much to this question'

These decisions are indeed very grave and exceptionally intense for anyone to make, let alone teenagers. I feel though, that these teens are mature enough to recognize and understand this. Bella starts out as an extremely mature teenager. Jacob comes into the story with the responsibility of helping with his dad. I think we also have to take into account all the situations they survive. Everyone has things to overcome and grows from them. So I think they do have more to prepare them for these decisions than just the strength of their feelings.

Bella is learning and contemplating the true cost of being with Edward "forever" throughout all of Eclipse. It climaxes with the vision she has during the kiss with Jacob before the battle. And after all that, she still makes her choice. So I think her feeling she is too young to be married is a thought ingrained in her by everything that has happened with her parents and also by society. For example, my mom married at 18. That was very normal at that time. I was engaged at 18 and all I heard was "Too young", "Big mistake" etc.

For Jacob, I do think he can know that he loves Bella and I think he does. He is very much trying to save Bella's life through all of this. That is not normal high school infatuation. He just doesn't know how to do it. His teenage tendencies are kind of glaring when it comes to that.

For real life teens'I think it all depends on the person. Take for instance Jessica. I do not think she would be prepared to make this decision like Bella is. So goes the same thing in real life. I met my husband in High School. We started dating and I knew I was going to marry him. Years later I am married to him and never ever regret the choices I had to make or the things I had to give up to get here because I have gained so much in return! Worked out great for me! But my best friend in High School thought I was crazy! She just wasn't ready for that kind of commitment'

Like Charlie says "Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So'good luck figuring that out." Eclipse 363.
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Post by Bella_S_Black » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:38 pm

personally, I think bella is abit of an idiot. Sometimes anyway. She is all prepared to become a vampire ASAP, but she freaks out at the slightest mention of marriage. Erm, earth the bella! marriage an be undone sooo easily these days, wheras becoming an undead cannot. Get a bit of perspective girl!
and as for bella and Jake, I think it is realistic. They were best friends, and lots of people develop feelings for their best friends. If anything, that is a stronger love than other relationships, cause they really know each other, rather than just go on one date and claim themselves in love.
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