Love and Mythical Creatures

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I think it is realistic enough for them to both (bella and jake. . . edward doesn't count because he's not that young anymore) fall in love at such a young age. We would think that they don't really know what love is so it would be impossible for them to tell. But they are mature enough to know what love is and know what it feels like. The both know that they can't live without one another and isn't that what love is? You can't live with out the other person. Bella may be in love with Jake but she could never live without Edward which means she must be in love. Jacob may not be truly in love and it could just be puppy love (no pun intended). It's some kind of love for Jake. Edward and Bella, though, have a stronger love which can't be puppy love. They both know what they want and it's each other. Neither of them could live without each other. (just look at new moon!!) Bella could probably live without Jake. Her infatuation for Edward is so unbearable that she literally breaks down when he leaves. You only do that when you're TRULY in love.
It doesn't matter that they are mythical creatures. Those feelings are still human ones. Edward could be a teenager ( his mind not his body. His body is already a teenage one) but his feeling for Bella probably would be the same. NO matter what you are the feelings you feel are always going ot be the same!
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I think the relationships are realistic if for no other reason than the reality of ALL relationships, involving the young or not-so-young. By this I mean, in today's society, where half of marriages end in divorce, can we really use age as a gauge of how well we can possibly know love, or infatuation? Couples in their 50s are breaking up after being together for decades. High School Sweethearts stay together for 60 years after falling in love when they were 16. Age is completely relative when it comes to love.

That being said, we know for a fact that Edward definitely knows. After being alive for over 100 years he is completely aware of what makes him all giddy. Even before he was changed, he "was that guy", ready to get married when the right person came along, according to what he told Bella in Eclipse. But then again, there was no question about that.

Bella, we should also accept, is very mature for her age. She told Edward that Renee said she was "born middle-aged". Even he said that she doesn't seem seventeen. But again, that maturity isn't the only thing to look at in determining if she can be certain.

Jake, I think is a little harder deem mature or immature based on facts from the book. He and Bella do argue over who is "older", but he wins for silly things like being taller. Hmm. I think it's definitely possible and reasonable for us to believe that he is just infatuated. But there could be more than meets the eye. I just don't know if he can truly love her at 16.

I would say that I am a bit jaded when it comes to knowing whether a teenager can know these things. I definitely wouldn't have been able to say "I love you" with certainty when I was that age. But then again, my mom who got married when she was just 15, is still happily in love with my dad 32 years later. So, again, I just think it's all too relative to say that it isn't realistic. Since it can happen, I would say YES!
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The maturity level of all the characters very much transcends that of most ordinary teenagers. However, I still believe that Edward and Bella's love (and yes, Jacob's too *sigh*) is realistic. All three of these characters have had to mature because of the situations that they have gone through.

Bella has always had to be there for her mom, and now she is fufilling that role for Charlie. She goes grocery shopping, she cooks, she does her own laundry. Oh, and she continually manages to survive multiple attacks on her life by sadistic vampires.

Jacob's father, Billy Black, has been in a wheelchair now for a few years, which I'm sure has made Jacob more responsible around the house and caring for his father. He's also in the pack, which forces him to mature because he is faced with the responsibility of following orders, respecting authority (in the form of Sam Uley) and protecting people like Bella and Charlie (and fighting above mentioned sadistic vampires).

And Edward is a 107-year-old vampire. I'm going to go ahead and assume that he's pretty mature considering the amount of time he has had to grow up in.

The maturity of these characters allows them to think and feel things that many sixteen or seventeen-year-olds can't. Human or not, the intense world they live in makes me truly believe that they can and do experience more 'mature' emotions such as true love.

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Post by fantasia »

The Twilight series shows us very young people making very grave decisions on the strength of the love they feel for each other. Are we meant to think that they are old enough to judge their feelings accurately? If Bella thinks she's too young to get married, is she old enough to be certain she loves Edward enough to give up her humanity for him? Can Jake really know he loves Bella, when he is only 16?

Of course these are all fictional characters from a world of monsters and magic, which raises a further question. Even if you think that Bella and Jake know what they are doing, do you think this is realistic for real life teenagers?
I think we are meant to think they're old enough to judge their feelings accurately. At one end, Bella is described as being an old soul, very cautious and very responsible. At the other end, she's never had a boyfriend before and really had no idea what to do with Edward when they first started out.

Regardless of either of those facts, I did/do feel that she really does love him, and that she is able to understand what it means to love someone. There's no question in my mind whether or not Edward understands love, so I wont comment on him.

With Jake, I thought it was puppy love (no pun intended ^^). Notice I said thought! While I'm sure it started off as an innocent enough crush on Bella, I think he grew to love her in New Moon. I see Jake's feelings for Bella as a normal continuation of like into love after a period of time in a relationship, which makes me feel as though he too is capable of understanding what love is.

As for whether or not this is realistic for real life teenagers, I say somewhat. I am entirely sure teenagers are able to understand what love is, and feel it. I don't think that they could feel it as passionately as Edward and Bella, though. I think this because situations in the book that would never happen in real life cause them to trust in and rely on each other like I've never seen before. They're experiencing so much together, in so little time...and even realistic situations that would have the same effect on a couple happen rarely, if ever while you're still young.
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Post by tired »

i think it depeands on the people involved. i had a child very young because i was in love uggggggg. i love my son to death and wouldnt go back and change anything but i was to young to no wat i wanted. my friend has been with her boyfriend since she was 15 or 16 and now shes 21 and still with him they love each other to death since the first day,
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I think there is further proof that the love Jacob feels for Bella is not puppy love (no punn intended :D ). First of all, Edward is very disturbed by his thoughts which probably means he feels Jacob is a challenge. Next, Edward stated in Eclipse that one of the reasons he was not forcing Bella to choose between him and Jacob was that he is not sure she would choose him. Third, Edward feels he needs to fight to keep Bella (and feels he does not aalready have her) and Edward does NOT intend to fight fair. Fourth, Jacob keeps trying/fighting even though he knows all of the following: Bella loves Edward more, Bella will choose Edward, she is marrying Edward, and Bella will be turned into a bloodsucking leech in a matter of weeks. (I don't even think he will stop trying after she becomes a vampire.) I believe it is safe to say Jacob tuely loves Bella.
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i really do think that Bella is mature enough to know that she wants Edward forever, Bella's fear isn't actually 'getting married' it's what people will say if she does.
she's all for the be toguether for life kind of deal that comes with marriage, her fear it's just how the public eye would see it.
i also think that Jake is mature enough to make his decision when he's only 16, because he fights for love and friendship.her love and the friendship that he'll think he'll lose when Bella is turned into a vampire.
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Post by Visitor »

Lindsay1278 wrote:Obviously, Bella thinks that Edward is perfect, but he doesn't feel the same way about her. Although he tells her she can be whatever she wants and he'll always be there and love her (even if she gets old) he really wants her to change for him.
Edward thinks that Bella is his gift. In his eyes she can do no wrong. To him, she is perfect. The feeling seems to be mutual between the two. And actually, Edward has never wanted Bella to be changed. That's why he left in NM. That's why he kept trying to throw obstacles at her in a way that would force her to live longer. Obstacles like college, marriage and a general fear of changing. That's why he pushed (and I do mean PUSHED) Bella into Jacob's arms. In each instance, Edward was trying to give Bella an additional chance at the life that was prematurely taken away from him and the rest of the Cullens. Bella is the one who refuses to change course.

It only makes sense that Edward would desire to be with Bella in a way that required no danger, no breaking and no worrying. And for them, that type of togetherness can only be attained either through death, her turning, or him un-turning (one of which, better not happen, the other, we've been told is impossible). But what Edward wants most of all is for Bella to hold on to her human experiences. Even if that meant living a life without him. If nothing else, he's made that fact abundantly clear.
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Post by Metadaxe »

In response to the original post, no, I do not believe it is realistic. Love is not "Wait until you find the perfect person." The perfect person does not exist. A succesful relationship grows over time. It does not simply explode into existance. There's a reason books are written about love. It creates a story that is not in our lives, which makes the story interesting. If finding your soulmate, who you will enter a perpetual state of infatuation with, was realistic, then it would not produce an exciting story, and books like Twilight would not exist.
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i do think that things like what happen in these books can be realistic. people dont always find their true love quickly but it is possible. even though it normally doesnt.

i think bella is mature enough to make her choice about edward. i dont think jaake actually loves beela though. i think that what he has is only the idea. i dont think what he has is true love but just an infatuation. :) :D

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