Are Vampires Dead?

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Post by Spazzzy »

I don't think there is any easy answer to this question. If we know if Edward is right when it comes to vampires souls (he thinks they have none) then we can answer the question. If they do have souls then I believe they are alive although they don't need to breath and their heart doesn't beat. Again, it is not an easy question to answer.
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The Great Debate ~ Are Vampires Dead?

Post by MeyersMinions »

If you believe the following definition of the word "DEAD" is correct then I would say absolutely not. adj. dead•er
1. Having lost life; no longer alive.

I think the only think that we can say is dead in a Vampire is its human life or human form as it was once known and if one is to believe that Vampires are dead based on that then would Werewolves not be dead as well?

Death is a finality in fact I would say Vampires are more alive then humans in that they are for lack of a better word immortal and further from death and or dying then we mortals are.

The struggles that Edward deals with in the series are those presented to most heroes with a certain moral standing or value. Edward feels dead in a figuratively speaking manor, his human side the side that most relates to Bella as the story goes on is dead or lost and that is what he is ultimately trying to save Bella from.

But no Vampire's are not dead just because they may be missing a soul or certain human like qualities, for if they are dead, then one would have to put werewolves and trees, cat's, dogs and all plant and animal life in that same category just because it too is missing most human like qualities.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I think us as readers are supposed to see them as alive, but with limited & extended capabilities.

I think as a person, we are supposed to see them as like the living dead. Without blood pumping through their heart, without eating 'real' food, without a pulse, but still able to walk the earth (so more dead).

Does this make sense? That there would be more than one (or maybe two) views on this?

^^I do like MeyersMinions POV on this, that they could be considered much more alive then us, seeing that they 'live' longer than us & are harder to 'kill'.

My standpoint on it would be that they are alive, just kind of 'frozen'. They cant do practically anything & live almost forever, except their body is frozen. They need another sources blood for energy because their heart is frozen & does not pump it.
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Post by BiteMeSenseless »

This is a difficult question...
It all depends on what you see as dead. The Cullens cnnot change or grow in any way physically, but they can grow emotionally. They don't have blood or saliva or any fluids of their own (save for venom), but their bodies still function, beyond normal human capacities. In some ways, they are dead, but in others, they are incredibly alive. I hold with those who say they are a different species entirely. To explain this the best I can, I'll use an analogy:
Once, on Animal Planet, I saw a documentary on this little bug. It was very formidable and had an amazing defense system: every time it got too hard to live, the bug shut down. It pulled its legs in, slowed all the activity in its body, and stayed that way until the danger passed, then would come out, no worse for wear. I see vampirism as similar to this; a defense system against death. Even if the human is not dying, as with Carlisle, when the human is bitten, they begin to die. The venom saves them from death, but at a price: a sort of cursed half-life as a perpetually thirsty animal. (Sort of like drinking unicorn blood in the Harry Potter series: It will save you from death, but you will be cursed.) As a vampire, your body shuts down almost completely, like the bug, but as with the bug, it doesn't mean you are dead, just hibernating. Only vampirism is a hibernation you can't wake up from.

Soooo... in summary, vampires are not dead, merely trapped in an existance more animal than human, admittedly an incredibly intelligent animal, forever a slave to their thirst, and the world's best predator. They are a different species entirely. Vampires cannot be compared fully to humans, as humans cannot be compared fully to apes. Too many differences, though we can see the similarities.
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Post by jazzheart »

Vampires are 'the undead'. still able to appear alive and 'live' to some extent but not able to 'die'. Here is a definition of undead: 'Undead is a collective name for beings that the superstitious believe are deceased yet behave as if alive. Undead may be spiritual, such as ghosts, or corporeal, such as vampires and zombies.'
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Post by villy »

I think an individual's answer to this debate depends on their understanding or definition of life and existence. I personally do no think that vampires are dead, and largely base my opinion on information SM has provided in her Personal Correspondence. In PC # 7, the question is asked: Why do they sparkle?
Stephenie answers: They sparkle because they have turned to a substance that is somewhat like diamond. Their bodies have hardened, frozen into a kind of living stone. Each little cell in their skin has become a separate facet that reflects the light.

Like, Khartoun, I think the venom acts as a catalyst for some type of change within the molecular structure of a cell. I assume that the venom may need to react with oxygen, blood or a living cell in order to transform a cell into a 'kind of living stone', which would explain why you have to be alive -- and not sucked dry of blood! -- in order to "turn". Keeping in mind that the vampires within Twilight are a fictional construct, I think it is perfectly plausible that they are a different or mutated species who exist outside the accepted realm of life/existence.

Furthermore, in PC #1, Stephenie explains that, 'When they drink blood, it runs through their body and makes them strong. It floods through their old blood ways, though they don't have circulation anymore. It lightens their eyes and flushes their skin slightly'. To me, this implies that the cells within a vampire's body are not dead because they produce a change within the body when the absorb blood.

Also, how can vampires be dead if they can be killed or cease to exist? In New Moon, Edward attempts to have the Volturi kill him, and when his request is denied, he essentially tries to commit suicide. Edward even told Bella that if she died he 'wasn't going to live without [her],' he would go to Italy to provoke the Volturi and 'you didn't irritate the, unless you want to die'.

I also do not believe that Bella will be committing suicide if she chooses to change into a vampire because I do not believe vampires are dead. I like the existentialist theory that 'Existence precedes essence', which loosely translates to the idea that humans choose their own meaning in life, and that it is not pre-determined for us (though how can you deny Romeo and Juliet!). I like to think that if Bella "turns", it is by her own choice and that she has decided the meaning of her LIFE shall essentially be rooted in her existence with Edward.

The End. :D

Sorry, that was long! :oops:
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Post by Wrathhh_Bella_Edward »

Okay, I think they're living. Why? Because they respond to their environment (venom flow), they need energy (blood) and they reproduce (changing a human). That and they have human emotion. One of the arguments for dead is that they need blood flow to be alive. Actually, only certain organisms need blood flow. Another thing that can categorize them as alive: they have brain activity. And emotion.
Yes, they do breath. Although... they don't need the oxygen. They breath out of habit, and I think when they exhale, they breath out the CO2, because in order for oxygen to be absorbed, you need to have blood flow in your capillaries.
Oh, that and they can die. I mean, you can't kill something that's already did...That would be like walking up to a dead squirrel and shooting it...Pointless.
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Post by Miko Kikyou »

I don't believe that vampires are dead - they have emotions, they can walk and run as fast as the wind and they need to drink blood. Besides, they are immortal, but they can be killed - so why should someone have to be killed TWO times? Dead is dead. So I don't think that vampires are dead, they are just like a different species which drinks blood and is incredibly strong. Vampires aren't like humans and their ability to be like a human has died - but you can still sense the remains of the human nature in them.
I can understand the way of saying that vampires are undead, but to me, they are 'immortal'.
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Post by It_is_a_NewMoon »

Vampires are...alive. In my opinion, they breathe air, they eat be it blood maybe it's drink - I dunno but they do. lol So I reckon it's just wolfy prejudice!

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Post by rainydays_alanna »

i dont think that they're necessarily dead....or fully dead. they can die it's just that they're somewhat almost dead but not fully. it's hard to describe. i mean they still have to drink and stay strong but they can't starve themselves, but they can die. so yes i would say that they arn't dead and it's just werewolf prejudism
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