Who would you choose? Edward vs. Jacob

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Who would you choose for yourself [not Bella]?

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Post by Twinkie »

I would choose Edward hands down beacuse he's just about everything a girl could want in a guy... smart, funny, loyal, romantic, gorgeous, supernatural....

and Jacob's just annoying. :evil:
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Post by Yuukisnowangel »

This is a totally hard choice. Im pretty much in love with them both. "they have a certain charm" as Bella would put it. Jake has all that nice silky hair for me to run my hands through. But Edward is wonderful, sexy, (and do I need to mention) a vampire :) . Jake is is sweet and the natural path and Edward is... well he's a vampire. Oh, who to choose!!!
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Post by emmett_<3 »

Twinkie wrote:
and Jacob's just annoying. :evil:
and your a loser. :D
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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

emmett_<3 wrote:
Twinkie wrote:
and Jacob's just annoying. :evil:
and your a loser. :D
There's no need to use mean words. Let's just keep it nice around here, kay? Everyone has their own opinion and we shouldn't throw mean words at each other because of that.
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Post by musicgoddess »

Kind of harsh emmett_<3.

I'd choose Edward.
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Post by EllieCullen »

lol nice emmett making friends everywhere you go :)
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Post by Aros_girl »

emmett, I said play nice!

I did not agree with Twinkie but I knew I had to be nice.

Yea try to be nice emmett.

I know it is hard but you have too.
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

Edward~ no explanation or reasoning needed :D
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Post by AnnaxxEdwarsWifey »

Edward because I can't stand Jacob imatture-ness x) He would be a friend, but I could never date anyone like him. I know he's fun, funny, amusing, and able to morph into a mythical creature but i would tear the hair out of my scalp if I had to date him. Reason why I'm hardly ever iterested in the boys in my grade, because they're BOYS (:

So Edward <333
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Post by myedwardsnameis... »


Jake reminds me to much of this guy I know and hate. Conceeded, selfcentered, egotistical (bad things) yet irrisistably funny, sweet when he wants to be (good things) the even both have the whole native thing going (irrelivent but true). There are to many parallels betweed Jacob and a guy who bugs the hell out of me!

Plus I love Edward. I was originally attracted to my boyfriend b/c he looked like a less hot version of my mental picture of Edward. Turns out my boyfriend is romantic like Edwrd too! But yea, easy choice. Edward.

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