Who would you choose? Edward vs. Jacob

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Who would you choose for yourself [not Bella]?

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Who would you choose? Edward vs. Jacob

Post by Violet »

Let me just say that I'm hardly ever on this part of the Lexicon, so I'm super, super sorry if there's a thread like this already. Lock it if necessary.

I've already seen threads asking who you want Bella to end up with. But I want to know this: would you choose Edward, or Jake?

Don't base your answer on who you want Bella with. Base it on you personally, and you can explain why if you want, or just simply place the name and be gone. I don't care as long as you answer truthfully.

I'd choose Jake. For Bella, I want Edward, but for me, it's Jake all the way. He's just absolutely my type. Undeniably. He reminds me of like, every guy I've ever dated or liked, minus all their bad traits, and plus some supernaturalness. I just love him.

Your turn.
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Post by Felicia »

Edward. I never liked Jake. He always annoyed me. While Edward is a polite gentleman (Sorry this isn't a lot. I'm really tired.)
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Post by Mayde »

Jacob. He is just very funny and warm. I guess you can say he's my sun too.
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Post by edwardfan2007 »

I would choose Edward because he is more romantic than Jacob. If I had to spend the rest of my life with one of them it would still be Edward.
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Post by jadoretoi »

This is SO hard.

But Edward.
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Post by thecutiedisease »

jadoretoi wrote:This is SO hard.

But Edward.
Very, very hard. I refuse to decide. :] Can I say both?
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Post by dirty_wings »

Edward for me.
I've been into this kind of mythology.. (well, to me it's not mythical, so I've been into this kind of.. ology) for many, many years. And I've been for the vampire's side forever.
So I run with the vampire. Not the wolf.
That, and Edward has been in wayyyyy more of my day-dreams, Jake's been in none... at least not in that sense.
Jake would be a great best friend though, Id take him for that.
But Edward is my lover. Hee hee.
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Post by Edward&Bella4life< »

I would pick edward for me, hes very romantic and such a gentalmen, but he can be mysterious and fun hes just TOTALLY MY TYPE plus think how fun it would be to date a vampire, they run and drive really fast, introduce you to their fam and they show you what they look like in sun which is totally cool
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Post by FireworkFreeways »

I don't think I'd pick either of them, but that's just me. The Edward/Jake dilemma is a Bella problem. I just like reading about it.
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Post by hitsaru_san »

I want both o3o

If I had to choose...
Probably...Edward. Because I love vampires more than werewolves, and I find wolves a little unreliable.

*gets a baleful stare from her O.C.*

I didn't mean that. At all.
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