Who would you choose? Edward vs. Jacob

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Who would you choose for yourself [not Bella]?

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Post by PinkTutus »


♥♥ i honestly never liked jacob, even at the beginning when he was no threat to edward&&bella.
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Post by Waitin4theEclipse »

.....for reasons that i have no idea why i cant think of anything right now......

edit: He's romantic, nice.....
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Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

I'd pick Edward cause he is so romantic and and I just think everything about Edward is awesome. *dreams of him* But if Edward wasnt available I'd happly take Jacob. lol. Even though he may annoy me a little at times.
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Post by Juliet »

Jacob. 100%. Because he's fun and funny, after a while Edward would start to grow monotonous because I don't really think you could have a lot of fun with him. And I don't particularly like the idea of immortality. I'd want to have a happy (somewhat) human life with Jake for sure.
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TEAM JACOB. Because he's human.
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Post by bkl »

Juliet wrote:Jacob. 100%. Because he's fun and funny, after a while Edward would start to grow monotonous because I don't really think you could have a lot of fun with him. And I don't particularly like the idea of immortality. I'd want to have a happy (somewhat) human life with Jake for sure.
I agree
Its obvious that Bella and Edward are happy together, and that's great, Rah rah for them, but Jacob is more my style. more casual, better sense of humor, taller
also, he wouldn't make me feel "painfully plain" and insignifigant like the godlike, gorgeous Edward would... I'd rather someone I could a)relate to and b) wouldn't read my thoughts not to mention that isn't c) so overprotective and overbearing.
That much of a control freak would drive me INSANE after being with for a week...

Bella belongs with Edward-
Jacob can stay with me!
(not to bash th incredibly sexy Edward- don't get me wrong, I would probably loose bladder control if Edward Cullen asked me out :oops:)

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I pick...

Post by mensrea »

Edward. All the way. I like the idea of immortality, even if some aspects if it are very bleak. I'm also a very superficial person(sorry--being honest here :?). I would love to spend my eternity being impossibly beautiful, and being with a gorgeous Edward is very appealing too. I would also love the lifestyle Edward would bring... Not just the money, mostly the idea of being able to have all the time in the world to travel anywhere I please. Another important point, I dislike children, if I were a vampire I wouldn't ever have to worry about having kids... Haha. But seriously, no kids... ever.
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Post by texas_girl »

edward...there's a huge maturity difference between the two. though it's kind of cute that jake is trying to figure out how to fight for someone he loves...the maturity that edward shows...the selfless-ness...the self-control...to me that is just so much more attractive.
Team Edward~ ALL THE WAY!!
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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

Edward, all the way.
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Post by laxdixda »

OOO this is hard.... because you cant help but be totally in love w/ edward... and thats who i want for bella, BUT

for me i would want Jacob... BECAUSE i have a child now... and the thought that i wouldnt be able to have anymore would break my heart. I want someone to grow old w/ and have a family...

But since im married, and they are fictional i cant have either DARN IT! lol
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Post by cullenvampires2009 »

Edward! He holds so much love for Bella that...it wouldn't be right for her to settle down with Jacob. I love Edward and I choose HIM!
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