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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

* ~ Carly ~ * wrote:6 minutes!
I can't wait!!

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Woah. I leave for twenty minutes and I come back to this?

Triplets? Hamburger phones?
[color=#AB6298][size=84]Sweet young man,
Goes walking down the street wiping blood
Off his hands.
It doesn't look good but he does
What he can
To erase the signs
Of a nightmare he faced at the scene of the crime.
She snuck up behind him
As he knelt by her victim
Whispered I knew you'd come and there's nothing to be done
If I was you, I'd run.
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Post by wildroses »

rose_spunk wrote:
Mirrorbay2000 wrote:hamburger phone is a boy.... i think

maybe he's gender confused

HAHAHA i think he should be...or she?
just call it it.
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Post by krazykailey »

HAHAH yes she is deff. Having pigs!!! and hamburger phone is a BOY with gender issues =P 6 minutes!!!
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Post by ox0fallen_angel0xo »

lol im confused too
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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

AuroraSparrow wrote:
rose_spunk hamburger phone a boy?
Let's just say Hamburger Phone is a whatsit...

You may ask...just exactly what is a whatsit...

And I will say, exactly.
A whatis is a Siberan half ear- half Emmett
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10 pages in an hour you people are funny hahaha :D
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Post by annab »

hahahha. like I said last night. we are probably the only people in the world who stay up long enough to read a quote from a book that will make no sense to us what so ever. and then once we read it all we want to do is talk about it. hahah. i love us.
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Post by emilymichellecullen »

those poor kids/pigs
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Post by rose_spunk »

next week on maury:

hamburger phone:" i just wanted to know what wearing dresses felt like! i just wanted to be a GIRL"

cute/loyal/loving space heater.
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