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sweet guys! we already have 21 members on our facebook! That's pretty good considering it was started at like 2 in the morning and now its quarter to eleven.
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alice and bella

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Coolest~geek~ever wrote:Okay; here is a short scenario in Mike's Pov about the quote. I might do one in Bella's, but mike seemed too much fun.

I was racing down the highway in my mother's beat up Ford to stop Bella from making the stupidest mistake of her life. A late entrance is key... she'll realize Cullen's all wrong for her and run away with me... I smirked at the though and made the car go a few miles faster. I caught a sight of my self in the rearview mirror and smiled; dressing like I was the groom was definitely a good choice. The car jostled; I must have hit a rock or something; but I looked back at the ring which was in its box in the backseat. Everything was ready. I then pulled into the driveway and started the drive up. Sheesh, I can't even see their house yet. I bet Bella doesn't like the driveway! I thought to myself. When I stepped out of the car I heard them saying their vows and slowed up a bit. Wait for it... wait for it....
My blood was pounding in my ears I heard the minister say, 'Speak now' and bolted to the gated entrance to the wedding.

"I!" A cold, very muscular hand came down on my mouth and pushed me to the ground. I looked to my attacker to see it was Emmett Cullen, Cullen's older brother. He had rage in his eyes and leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"If you even think about messing with my baby brother and soon to be sister's wedding, I know how to make your neck break 36 different ways." He stood back up and turned around to watch the rest of the wedding, clapping when Bella and Cullen kissed. I bet she didn't like it. When the ceremony was over and Emmett ran off to go congratulate the 'happy' couple, I played my only card; the lost puppy card. I entered the backyard and stood off to the side, making sure I was in Bella's sight line, pretending I was looking for her. I heard my soon to be wife call my name and turned around to greet her. Oh hi Bella! I was looking for you. Anything exciting happen lately?"

"Oh, nothing, I just got married." She joked. "Did you get lost? You came a bit late but you can still come to the reception."

"Bella, that's not why I'm here," I told her, "how happy are you with him? Is he the love of your life?"

"Mike, I just got married to him. I love him with all my heart."

"Run away with me Bella." I said. "You can get an annulment then marry me. I have the papers in my car. We both know that you love me!" I said, my eyes shining. Bella started backing away though.

"Uh, Mike, I don't love you." She said, looking nervous. Rage boiled up in me and came out of my moth as words.

"Fine then! But you will live your life not knowing how great it could have been!"

"Oh, Mike! How will I go on?" She said, mercilessly mocking me. I watched her run of to go give Cullen a long kiss and I stormed out of there in anger.
alice: wow! thats really, really good! i wish i had bella here (megan). I'm sure she would assure you that she probably wouldn't be that mean to mike. but you never know. it's still a wonderful idea though! my idea was really silly compared to this one, so i'm not going to post it here.
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heya guys!
that scenario was reallly goood!
im in stitches now!
it reallly fits the quote well!
awww bless mike!
i love mike hes so funny!
i wonder what that quote does actually mean though?
*does thinking pose*
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Post by TwilightLover<3 »

yeah i really think Bella is being sarcastic with Edward.. or even Mike for that fact.. i liked this

Mike: This is your last day or work,Bella.
Bella:Oh,Mike! How will i ever go on?

hehe cannot wait! 19 days! :) :D
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Re: lols

Post by littlenemo_48 »

jojocullen4eva wrote:heya guys!
that scenario was reallly goood!
im in stitches now!
it reallly fits the quote well!
awww bless mike!
i love mike hes so funny!
i wonder what that quote does actually mean though?
*does thinking pose*
Knowing Bella and how she usually interacts with Mike, she's probably being sarcastic about something. I can definately see it being a response to a scenario like that.
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Me too. I bet it's sarcastic - it has to be!
Otherwise it'll just suck, because no-one likes Team Mike.
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Here is what I immediately thought:

Mike: So, I guess once you go to Dartmouth, you'll never be back in Forks again.
Bella: Oh, Mike! How will I go on?
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Post by Jacob+edward7 »

Bella "Oh, Mike! How will I go on?"
one theory I have is that maybe Mike died. If it is not sarcasum then someone died! =(
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Post by twilightteacher »

As soon as I read that I thought that Bella was being sarcastic to Mike about something. For some reason I'm feeling that the sarcasim is lost on him!
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I'm not really sure what the Quote means, my imagination usually runs wild with these things, but my friend seems to thing that maybe something happened to Charlie?
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