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Post by Sheluvstennis »

Kyo-Chan wrote:uP on her myspace now.

Yay! I'm so excited! I really like it. It's cute how Edward and Alice interact that way. I wonder what they're playing for (nothing serious I assume :-)
I know what you mean that Quote makes me laugh because it is a very typical Edward/Alice Conversation but I do like how he said Alice why don't you just tell me who wins.. Alice: I do Excellent.. any way I am so glad that this thread it up for a couple more days because it helps.. SM is hilarious I like how she put the note up at the top because she does have twisted sense of humor and they could mean nothing dun dun dun!!
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& " I am a VIRGO" I love this because I am a VIRGO too!! so I know where her stubbornness comes from...
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Edward could just read Alice's mind if he wanted to know who'd win. :D

And I think Bella was being just being sarcastic; wonder what made her say that, maybe some snarky comment by Mike? Alas, we shall know only on August 2nd.
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Post by Sumeiyeh »

First thought that came to my head was that it was the day of the wedding or before the wedding and Bella was getting nervous at how many people were attending and how Alice had/was presented/presenting it. Mike could have made a comment on how Bella's starting to get nervous and Bella could have responded that way, as a joke. She's not honestly going to not go through the wedding but is joking to calm her nerves maybe.
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Post by RainyForks »

Haha, I wonder what she is talking to Mike about? She doesn't really talk to him anymore, so... hmm :)
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »


Maybe this is SM's way of saying that actually, Bella will end up with Mike. LOL!!

I doubt it, but that is hilarious. I bet it's sarcastic. Like this:

Edward: "Are you sure, Bella? You can still stay human."
Bella: "No. You're everything to me."
Edward: "But what about your parents? Your human friends?"
Bella: "Oh, Mike! How will I go on?"

Like that, maybe?
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Post by Prongs »

I too think that this quote of brfore the wedding and Bella is just getting nervous and is wondering how she'll be able to go through with it... not that I think she won't, but I think that she is just getting nervous and Mike just happened to be there to talk to...
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Post by vegasn8ive »

She may not even be talking to Mike at all. She could be joking with someone and they make a remark about how she could always go on without them, or something, and she makes the comment that she could always turn to Mike for support. :lol:

I think these quotes are funny. I am enjoying them so far. I can't wait to read the book and go, "Hey! That's the quote from last Tuesday!" :D
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Post by MarriedToEdward »

"Oh Mike, how will I go on!"

Two ideas, one sad, one happy:

1. Mike has died, as has a number of other friends. Bella is saying that she can't take any more deaths.

2. Bella is a newborn, happens upon Mike and wants to eat him. But is convincing herself not to.

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Post by eyesthathypnotize »

Once again, although this seems really serious, considering she says "how will I go on?" I don't think it is serious. I mean, we know that Bella doesn't have a close relationship with Mike, she deffinitely wouldn't have told him anything about vampires and werewolves, and she wouldn't discuss her feelings with him. I won't be surprised if at school, they have to do a play or something and that's a quote from the play :P As Stephenie said, she has a twisted sense of humour, and is just trying to mess with our heads :P She knows we disect every little detail :wink:

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Post by twilightxstars »

I'm suprised no one thought of this yet...what if Mike said he couldnt come to the wedding and made some rude remark on how he always known that Cullen wasnt good for her. And after he sqaid he wasnt coming to the wedding, bella says "Oh Mike! How can I go on?" after some rude comments make by Mr.Newton. This was the only thing that popped into my mind, and it made sense =] Heavy sarcasm is used too. Bella must be pretty mad at Mike. :shock:
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