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quote 1

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Erynn wrote:I'll over analyze this for you guys.
Cheers to having no life!

Alice: "I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."
Edward: "Why don't you just tell me who wins?"
Alice: "I do. Excellent."

I'll - I'll means "I Will". I is Alice. Will, is Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. Alice is actually Will!
Play - Play is a girl group/band. They sang songs like "Disco Hippie".
You - You is obviously Edward.
For - For sounds like four, so there are four of something.
It - It rhymes with Kit, with is short for Kittens. There are kittens involved.
Rock - Bella always compares Edward to a rock, so this means Edward.
Paper - Paper is Aro's skin, so Aro must be there.
Scissors - Scissors cut things, so something must have been chopped/cut.

Why - Why sounds like Y, and Y is the last initial of Emily Young, so Emily is in the conversation.
Don't - Don't means do not.
You - This you means Alice.
Just - Just is the first four letters in Justin Timberlakes name, so his music must be playing.
Tell - Tell rhymes with Fell, so someone fell.
Me - Edward.
Who - Who is in the title of Dr. Who, and since that is a Dr. Carlisle comes in.
Wins - Wins is winds with no d, so the D must stand for Demetri.

I - I rhymes with eye, as in the all-seeing eye.
Do - I and do together create "I do", which is what people say in weddings. Obviously, Alice is talking about Bella and Edward's wedding.
Excellent - Another word for fantabulous.

Here is the real meaning behind the conversation.
Alice: I'm actually a Pirate who formed an all girls band and sang songs like "Disco Edward". We were called the "Four Funky Kittenz With a Z". Edward and Aro joined the band too, but then after our single "Aro's Skin is so Thin", we kicked them out.
Edward: Emily Young didn't like Alice, and she was in the band too. Alice once sang with Justin Timberlake, but fell on stage on top of me. Carlisle had to rush us out before Demetri, who went all fangirly for Four Funky Kittenz With a Z, saw our skin.
Alice: Oh my gosh, I'm having another one of those visions again, because I see everything. Your wedding to Bella is going to turn out fantabulous.

that was totally great!! i definitely know what it feels like to do that, when you have no life!! when it was all put together!
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quote 1

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so i think this quote isn't really important and it is just supposed to drive us crazy (and trust me it's working!!!) :D but i could be totally wrong and it could be really really really really important like a key phrase in the book *doubtful* but still....
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I love the fact that Edward and Alice realtionship is just like any other brother and sister realtionship. But also that they seem comfortable joking around with each other. alice to be just seem like the ultiumite big sis. And Edward the trouble maker. I can't wait to hear more of these quothes!!!!!!
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Post by Nikkinik »

I just love how Stephenie isn't afraid to use humor. It lightens the mood. :D I'm excited now! ... Not that I wasn't excited before... but this just brought on a whole new excitement!
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Post by JulesCullen »

I agree with the humor comment. The plot is amazing, but without humor, it might feel a little "heavy". After looking through all the theories online, sometimes it was like, "Is she really going to have enough pages to write one of these complex plots AND some romance AND some humor?"
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Alice and Bella's Discussion

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Alice says: We might be deciding if we should tape the wedding! I say yes, and Edward says no for Bella's sake.

Bella says: Great idea! (though I'm against it!) It could also be that you're deciding if you can come when Edward changes me, since we have to move away so as not to break the treaty.

Alice says: Or, Edward and I are just fighting over what to watch on tv.

Bella says: Yes, and of course everyone else's ideas are awesome too! Like that it has something to do with the wedding, different rooms and any of the others, like riding shotgun!

Bella says: SM is totally laughing at us right now!

Alice says: But oh well, we had our fun brainstroming at 3 am till your mom came in to tell us to go to bed!
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first quote released.

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omgg like, seriously? i loved the quote. but for some reason, i dont think its TOO important to the story, but may lead to something big or major that is going to happen....
i cant wait for more quotes, but this is really a pickle.
ahahahahah (:
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i think that they're playing rock paper scissors over wedding plans. thats what immediately came to my head when i read it, i don't know why. i'm so excited! breaking dawn is out soon!
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Well I think it might be, *ahem* bridal shower gifts... lol. For those of you for whom that went over your head think about what happens AFTER the wedding.... :wink:

I have been asking people to play rock paper siccors with me all day, they keep looking at me funny! :D
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Post by MarriedToEdward »

pshdsy wrote:
MarriedToEdward wrote:I don't think they are betting over dead animals.... they aren't that needy... and where is the fun in hunting dead animals?!
i just thought it could be a very nice smelling animal and a way to try and make bella get into the hunting. no need to make fun of it.

--Hey sorry there, I really wasn't making fun of it (At least that wasn't my intention), just wondering aloud. Sorry if I offended you!

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