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Post by Coolest~geek~ever »

Okay guys... here's the conversation I see in my mind when i read this quote. It's in Bellas POV.

I paused at the top of the stairs to tie my shue, and heard voices drifting up from the dining room. Edward and Alice arguing? Wow that was a shocker. Everything was a bvattle between them now. But what were they fighting about? I gripped the railing will all the strength I had, praying I didn't fall and break my neck. They were almost yelling at each other now; an emergency? Did Alice just say this is an emergency? I snuck downstairs and stopped my internal rant to listen.

"Yes Edward. No matter what you say this is an emergency."

"Alice, I really don't see the complexity to this 'emergency'. I'll take Bella in the Guardian to pick them up."

"Oh, so your Volvo's not good enough now? Or are you so worried you'll crash and need layers of baody armour to protect you two?" First of all, who were they? And where is Edward taking me?

"Alice, cut it out. i just don't want anything bad to happen before the wedding."

"In that case, I'll take her. There, it's settled. I get to drive her." Okay, i'm still confused; what is going on?

"Why don't we let Bella decide? Bella, love, would you come here a moment?" i panicked, not wanting to know that I was evesdropping on them, so I dashed to the kitchen and called bask, "Sure, Edward. I'm coming!" I them grabbed a bannana off the counter amid the groceries Esme had bought for me and quickly peeled it and proceeded to walk into the dining room.

"But you know she'll pick you!" Alice hissed at Edward, then sunk into a pout when she saw me walk into the room.

"Bella dear, the flowers for the wedding aren't quite ready yet, and they messed up our order, so we need to go down to Port angeles to set them straight and and make sure they will be ready two days from now. I want to drive you, but Alice thinks she should. So were going to let you decide." My mouth almost fell open and I quickly swallowed the bannana I was chewing. Flowers? That was the big emergency? I was about to say Edward but then saw the look on Alice's face. She looked so downtrodden... The smirk on Edward's face quickly slid off and was replaced by denial that Alice was guilt tripping me into having her drive me instead of Edward.

"I can't decide!" This is driving me nuts! You guys do it!" I shouted in desperation, raising my arms up in the air and letting them fall. Turned to eacho ther, competitive smiles etched on their faces. "So? Who gets driving rights?" Edward asked, already sure he would. Alice went blank for a moment, then her smile streatched across her face.

"I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."

"Why you don't you just tell me who wins?"

"I do. Excellent." Alice flew over and grabbed my hand. "Lets go Bella. We have work to take care of." She paused and make a face. "But leave that bannana here."

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Post by Liv-wa »

I love it...hmmm what could they be "playing" for..
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Post by chila44 »

Wow! you got all that from that quote? You're good :wink:
I'm thinking it's just something simple and unimportant.
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Post by Beth-Cullen »

It's already been a year?! Wow I remember going absolutly CRAZY over these quotes last summer!
Good first quote, funny, great Alice moment, but I can't wait for the intense quotes where people can go on and on for paragraphs about what they could mean.
And what's with the "quote" becoming "quotes" ? It made it so much more fun (and torturous) when you were trying to figure out who the person was talking to, will they all be like this?

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Post by Cali »

Such a cute quote! :lol: I really love the Alice/Edward exchanges, they really have that adorable brother sister banter down!
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

Ah I love this quote it's so cute...its probably like something crazy Alice wants to do at/for the wedding
It reminded me also of the chess game, Alice always wins at that stuff
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Post by moetastic »

i bet its over a car =( or something that Alice wants in the wedding.........and Edward doeasnt
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Post by BoysfromBooks »

"Alice: "I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."
Edward: "Why you don't you just tell me who wins?"
Alice: "I do. Excellent.""

well of course i have no idea what it means!
it could be anything
a car
something about the wedding
getting to fight
a chance to...

i'm out of ideas :roll:

it's so vague! but of course it is.
its just so Alice!
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

That's so cute!! I love it!!

Um, I reckon it's something like a party... something Edward doesn't really care about, but Bella does, so he's willing to fight (albeit weakly) for it.
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Post by Quackish »

I bet SM is looking at this, laughing and saying-
"You're all wrong! Eveyone know they're fighting over kumquats!" :twisted:

No, actually I have no idea what it could mean.
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