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Post by CandyVamp »

alice is soo funny i love their moments :)
~whatever it is betting on alice 8)

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Post by ShopGirl3876 »

OK, I couldn't sleep just thinking about this! Just when I thought I could get a good night's rest, BAM! It's like your running and running and BAM, you hit a tree! lol (*NSYNC reference sorry).

The car theory was good, but someone mentioned a bedroom. What if the Cullens move to another town and Alice and Edward are fighting for the big room! Why anyone would bet against Alice, I don't know. But Edward might want Bella to have a nice view too! Ugh, how many more days til this book comes out? And not only that, but we get a quote each day til then! AHHHHHHHH. Ok Jenn, calm down and take a deep breathe! I love the woosah quote someone else gave too!
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Post by cherryxchapstik »

haha Alice and Edward really do act like siblings...

but I can't stop thinking of what this whole quote is about...

*fold hands, and closes her eyes* Dear God, if you really love me, when can i get a time ASAP, sooner the better...

i'm so excited for BD to come out that time seems to go slower...gah its exasperating!

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Post by XxLilythCullen »

I'm so excited for all of the quotes! I shall be waiting very impatiently for August 1st so my best friend and I can go to the Breaking Dawn Party at Borders, as I'm sure everyone else will be. I'm going to pull a Harry Potter 7. Meaning: I'm going to be reading Breaking Dawn once I get home without stopping. My mother has already been instructed to tell anyone that calls or comes to the door that I'm not at home. :lol:

Anyway... the quote! Haha! I bet Alice didn't even win. xD
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I can't wait to try and figure out the misleading quotes. 8)
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Post by LisaAnn »

OMJ! Quotes of the day, yay! I pretty much jumped for joy (cliché, I know), complete with squeeing when I read the quote of the day. I think it is obviously something over Bella, perhaps to do with the wedding, but that's all I'm coming up with right now :|

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Post by Ooh Takeoutt »

hahaha, alice is THE BEST.

I'm sure we're all wrong, by the time we read the book we'll be like....hmph. I never would have thought but it makes sense.

Don't I feel stupid.

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Post by eyesthathypnotize »

I think that Edward and Alice deffinitely aren't betting on anything too serious. Most likely something to do with Bella, and her reaction to a certain event... Or it may be as simple as them playing Chess... I dunno, it's just surreal to me that I just read a direct quote from Breaking Dawn! :shock:

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Post by TheBlondeAlice »

I bet they're playing for something like the first ride in Bella's "after" car. :P
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Post by JulesCullen »

I definitely don't think it is important. Just a game, or the chance to do something. I love Alice (I love Edward, too... but that is a given... who doesn't?)

If it is about the wedding, I really don't think that it is important piece.

Hmm... maybe you're right about something like the first ride in Bella's car.

I couldn't sleep all last night... but I didn't get up because my mom thinks I've gone crazy (I've spent every waking moment online reading fanfiction/news/boards.... August 2nd cannot come soon enough...
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Post by ShopGirl3876 »

^ I know what you mean about not sleeping. I actually was watching Interview with a vampire. I watched it with my mouth open most of the time. Couldn't believe the similarities. They might be betting on the music at the reception. Who knows.........
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