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Yeah and I mean honestly right now none of our posts are stupid since we don't know whats going to happen in BD
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I think all we want here is for Jacob to be happy. He's been through a hell of a lot, and sacrificed more than a person of his age should. I know we all read these books, treating these characters as adults, because of the depth of maturity they show. But they are not, they are still young, like us, and particularly in the matters of love. So for his sake, I hope he finds someone.

On the issue of imprinting, I don't think he will imprint, ever. SM makes a big deal about choosing love in EC, and seems to say that the most powerful kind of love is the kind that we choose on our own. And Imprinting seems like a removal of choice. Like someone else says, it's like a spell. And I think the end, Jacob will have the choice to fall in love with someone else. He will choose to give Bella away, choose maintaing a friendship with her, and choose to move on and find his true love elsewhere. In short, Jacob may meet his partner by chance, but they will become partners by choice.
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Yeah I think we would all Enjoy BD if Jake found love naturally
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I think he did with Bella. So why couldn't he do it again. It is possible that after Bella's harsh rejection he will have a hard time finding someone unless he imprints. I hopw Jacob finds someone that will love and care for him. He deserves it after all he has been through.
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Maybe maybe not
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Personally I think that Jacob will either imprint or not fall in love as depressing as that sounds...I think that Jacob has been through so much pain and suffering due to love he deserves to fall in love and I think that SM agrees because she loves Jacob! I mean who wants to see Jacob leave never come back and die alone and unhappy? (besides Edward) But falling in love naturally would cause to much pain if he imprinted later in life.
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I actually don't think that Edward wants Jacob to die alone.I mean he sent that letter to him saying that he was so greatfu for him since he pretty much saved Bella. And Bella made her decision he asked if it was the right one. So I think that Jacob really does Care for Jake. Even if he doesn't want to admit it.
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Not weird

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leela0687 wrote:has anyone thought of the idea of Jacob imprinting on one of the Denali vamps in alaska? I know it's a long shot but he's in that area and they are probably the only thing that he see's besides animals. I know it's a weird and stupid theory but it could happen. :wink:
Actually we've been talking about this on a lot of the other threads. It could happen tha Jake imprints on a Denali sister. Who knows. We theorized that he runs so far northwest that he could cros paths with them. they could take him hostage or soemthing like that and then he has seen one and becomes dazzled or soemthing like that.... the pack has to rescue him...boom instant conflict... and one love sick wolf.

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I want Jacob to move past Bella naturally. He doesn't even need to fall in love again within the time span of the book.

I don't want him to imprint because I find it to be a huge cop-out. It seems to me to be a device to prevent SM from having to describe a person truly moving on from someone else. He probably will, though, unfortunately. *sigh*
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If he doesn't end up with Leah, then I think he'll find someone in Canada. I don't think it'll be a vampire, but some girl he comes across with. We don't know when he'll come back to Forks, and when and if he does, he might not see Bella the same way anymore cause she'll be married to Edward. He'll think of the other girl and after the battle (if he survives) he'll go and get her if he hasn't already imprinted on her. I would want him to fall in love naturally, and I think this love will be stronger and more powerful than what he had with Bella.
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