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I am not here to get on anyone's bad side.

I was just mentioning a point...especially since I don't like generalizing, and what losing feeling did was generalize that all people without air conditioning that live in a hot place are retarded.

I think it may be time to get back on topic, though... what with only hours or so til the boards close.
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on topic...
my theory has been a regular common car or a car that Edward can claim is not expensive (normal looking) that is actaully quite powerful.
price, for me, is not an issue one way or another

the car will have certian features:
*good suspension - corners well
*traction/stablity control
*possibly all-wheel drive (you can take turns faster)
*GPS - so Edward can find her
*Blutooth- usaully is in cars with GPS these days- Bella can't hold a phone and drive...
*seats that fold back...
*tinted windows
*maybe even the cool Lexus parallel parking thing....
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How about a moon roof? I know, not a necessity. :roll:

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