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Will Jacob Imprint in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, of course, thats what all the build up in about!
No, this book is about Bella and Edward, not Jacob
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I think Jacob will imprint, too, and while Bella will be initially jealous (which will be rather entertaining to read, I admit), she will be happy for him - that's all she's ever wanted for him, and said so numerous times in "Eclipse." Plus, Stephenie told a fan at a recent book signing that she believes she got closure from "Breaking Dawn," so leaving Jacob loveless doesn't seem like an option.

While the idea of Jacob imprinting on Tanya is an intriguing one, I wonder whether werewolves can actually imprint on their one enemy, vampires. So far, all the wolves have imprinted on their fellow Quileutes or perhaps in Embry's mother's case, a Makah, so I wonder if it's just supposed to be fellow Indians?

Finally, I don't think that Stephenie will kill Jacob - she's not into killing her good characters the way Jo Rowling was.
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Alice_at_Heart wrote:She wants to love Jacob. "I've seen it Jake- and I want it bad." She didn't stop loving Jake. But it's not enough. And that kills her.
And she still has Edward to go back home to and comfort her and love and be with forever. Who does Jake have to go home to? Like what cataclysm said above, where's his love that 'trumps' a soulmate?

Jake might feel some guilt imprinting on someone else so soon after the falling out with Bella. Like Sam feels guilty about what's happened with Leah, but then Leah is also alone and still hurting over what's happened. Bella is far from alone, which Jake would know all too well. When he comes back and takes one look at how happy and in love Bella still is with Edward and the painful reminder of how very unavailable she is to him (more if she's turned by that point)? I have a feeling Jacob wouldn't be feeling guilty about imprinting for very long.
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