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Will Jacob Imprint in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, of course, thats what all the build up in about!
No, this book is about Bella and Edward, not Jacob
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Jacob cant imprint on Leah, he's already seen her.

I do however think he will fall in love naturally with Leah.
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Post by Bri53 »

Jacob cannot imprint on Leah. Cannot. Imprinting occurs the fisrt time a werewolf sees the person after they have changed. Jacob and Leah have seen each other many times since they have changed and they haven't imprinted. They're not going to- Jake cant and wont imprint on Leah (or Bella for that matter).
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Post by Crooked_Rose »

^^Thanks guys, now I can finally prove to my friends that they're wrong!:)
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Post by drops of twilight »

libby123 wrote:i hope jacob imprints with someone from the denali clan. . . if thats possible.
wow, that'd be....nuts. i'm not sure i'm pleased with that, and to me it's definitely left field from most trains-of-thought, but if that happened, i'd just be stunned.


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Post by Bookflower »

I don't agree with either of the options.

I don't think that this book will just be about Bella and Edward. Jacob was left with far too many loose ends and is far too much of a major character to not be involved.

However I agree with Jake when he says at the end of Eclipse: ' 'Don't get your hopes up, Bella.' Jacob's voices was abruptly sour. 'Though I'm sure it would be a relief for you.' '

It would just be really convient if Jake imprinted, almost like Stephenie was trying to get him out of the way....

However, I do so want him to have a happy ending....
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Post by Juliet »

I see Jacob imprinting on Leah. (now, I know what you're all going to say "but he's already seen her!!" -but there is logic behind this, just hear me out.)
So, on pg 176 of Eclipse (i think that's the page, I'm just going off memory.) Jacob and Bella are talking about imprinting, Bella asks Jake if he thinks it will happen for him and he says no because he only SEES her, she is all he ever thinks about and he never sees anyone else.
The word sees is emphasized many times during this conversation.
I think that Jacob and Leah would be a good couple they have been in similar situations in being rejected by who they believe is their true love, so wouldn't it make sense for them to have someone that trumps a soul mate too? It would be a happy ending for everyone, and that made sense.
So I still believe that the option is definitely open for Leah and Jake to end up together. Sure, its a little bit of a long shot, but I don't think its impossible.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

But Jacob is just saying that, you cant really do that.

Plus, what about the epilogue?
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Post by EllieCullen »

yeah i agree with BellaCullen. After all I'm sure all Sam really saw was Leah when he met Emily.
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Post by iloveawerewolf... »

((My two cents, I don't think he can imprint on Leah..))
As much as Jacob deserves to find that one person right for him, I don't feel he is going to imprint in Breaking Dawn. One because I don't feel he'll be looking for that love so soon after learning of her wedding and (I think he learned of it..) the agreement Bella and Edward have of turning Bella into a vampire (though who knows if it'll happen..hopefully ) because he's hurting and that's all he's thinking of at the moment...and he's a werewolf running right now too..lol Two because he hasn't seen me yet...ahhahaha. :D

Bri53 said Stephenie Meyer said Jacob would have a happy ending. And I feel he will because he'll come to terms of accepting that Bella is bound to be with Edward and Jacob will accept this before the end of Breaking Dawn and WILL get over Bella. He'll become happier with his life and after the series, if there are more novels, begin 'looking' for that right person.
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Post by cpr2117 »

Okay i dont think Jake will imprint on anyone. For me its simply not meant to be for him, i have an idea that he MAY fall naturally in love with leah or something. It may not be as strong as Edward and Bella's love(for sure), but some form of it. Sine you know Jake went through the heart breaking experience with Bella, and the same for Leah with Sam. To me it kind of sounds like Leah may have something for him like at the end of eclipse when she is whinning about how bad she thinks about Bella and such to me it was kind of random to have Leah be the one out there with Jake like why wasnt it Embry Quil or someone else(unless she really is just that annoying)... maybe she is just trying to help and comfort him in her own wierd way lol. And Bella also said to Jake that she wonders how jealous she'll be if Jake does find someone, and we all know that Leah doesnt like Bella. So maybe that could be some kind of conflict between werewolf girl and vampire Bella(if she is changed).
And yes i know that if Leah KNEW she had feelings for him the hole pack would know... but maybe she doesnt know it yet, and thats why she feels a need to comfort jake like i said in her own wierd way.
i dont know, but i deff. see some kind of fight going on between Bella and Leah espeicially if Bella is changed!
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