"IF" Bella changes who will do it?

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Who do you think will change Bella?

Edward (like there is anyone else)
Jane (you know would rather kill but....)
Jasper (need we remind you of New Moon)
Emmett (cause Edward couldn't)
Rosalie (out of sheer necessity)
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Post by hanniemay »

Edward promised! Although begrudgingly, he always follows through.
With the tagline of the book being " it will take your breath away", wouldn't she change? I mean its change or die via Volturi.
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Post by foxkit »

I'm curious to see whether or not Jacob will come back and try to do something about her being bitten. And would that start a war with the wolves? If so, they couldn't do it in Forks...
I really hope Edward bites her.
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Post by fanpirefreak »

Edward will most likely change her unless something goes horribly wrong and the Volturi kidnap her and hold her hostage so that Edward and Alice will come and they will force them to join their coven or else Bella will die.... but that's off topic... but I think it will be Edward or some person from the Volturi (Jane I think) but I just don't really like the idea of Bella being transformed by any evil person- I'd prefer if it was done out of love.

But I hope that the Cullens will come to an agreement with the wolves so that when they change Bella the pack will let them leave and not hunt the Cullens down. But I don't think that Jacob will let his brothers try to kill Bella or Edward or any Cullens as a matter of fact. And because Jake is 2nd in command, only Sam could fight. And the 7 Cullens (NOT including Bella because she wouldn't fight with a wolf) could take down Sam.

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Post by Jupiter44 »

I agree with the majority on this thread- Edward has to change Bella. He spent all of Eclipse explaining that nothing would force her hand into becoming a vampire. I don't think that, now that Bella truly realizes the sacrifice of becoming a vampire, would she end up being changed because of some accident where her hand was forced. It just doesn't fit. And the only situation where Edward wouldn't be the one to change her would be if there was an accident, and her hand was forced, which I believe just won't happen. Therefore it has to be Edward!
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

foxkit wrote:
I totally agree. It's too pivatol an event for ANYone other than Edward to do it. I mean he's making her so that they can be together forever. I write and I know if it were my novel, I would make it a huge scene in my book. You can tell SM loves Edward. I don't think she would take that away from him.
OMG yes it has to be Edward who does anyone else it just wouldn't be the same
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Post by allisoninterrupted »

Rosalie. I LOVE Lady Elphaba's theory.
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Post by mudkip »

I think it will be Edward because she wants it that way, she wants HIS venom, and any other way would be sad.

But if it is one of the Volturri, i hope its Jane. Of course, everyone expects me to say that. I think Jane would do it because she knows Bellas wants Edward to change her. She probably has a grudge against Bella because she cant affect her with her powers, and Aro compared Bella's potential (for having such a protected mind) to Jane's. Being Aro's pet and all, that must feel like a kick in the stomach.

Rosalie i HIGHLY doubt would be able to do it, because she has never tasted human blood before. It would be too overwhelming for her to stop. I love Lady Elphaba's theory though, especially the Jacob bit. :lol:

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Post by Crazy_and_Proud »

I believe Edward will change Bella but......
What about Rosalie...wouldn't it be ironic for the selfish one...the one almost as against Bella's change as Edward himself were to change her? I mean in a way that would prove that she loves her brother enough to know that Bella was all he wanted for forever and that she could get over her hatred of Bella and realise that she didn't have to be jealous of her... So it would be a good ironic thing to happen...but I want Edward to change Bella more than I want Rosalie to....
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Post by emilymichellecullen »

I really think it will be Edward.
but if he starts being stubborn again i really think alice will get fed up with it and do it herself.
Thats a very alice thing to do

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Post by foreverNlove »

I think it will be Edward. The only one who he would trust to do it besides himself is Carlisle...in fact, he probably trusts Carlisle more than he trusts himself, but since Bella wants it to be him, I think it will be.

Though I do think Alice may need to threaten to do it herself...

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