"IF" Bella changes who will do it?

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Who do you think will change Bella?

Edward (like there is anyone else)
Jane (you know would rather kill but....)
Jasper (need we remind you of New Moon)
Emmett (cause Edward couldn't)
Rosalie (out of sheer necessity)
Total votes: 479

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"IF" Bella changes who will do it?

Post by Be My Escape »

Remember this is an IF question we don't know if she will or won't be changed. Discuss the various options of who could change Bella here. Also vote in the poll!
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Post by ReneeMonty »

I think Edward will do it if she gets changed at all. :wink: Just because he promised Bella. I don't think he will break the 'deal', because he wants bella to trust him and if he keeps the deal he keeps her trust. :)

But if Bella gets in an accident and gets serious injuries and she is going to die maybe someone else changes her to keep her 'alive'. But i still think Edwrad would do it if he, well is near enough if she gets hurt. :wink:
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

This is quite a tough one....the obvious choice is edward, but I can also see some sort of desperate situation, like a war or something, and alice has to do it....but more than that, I can imagine a member of the volturi doing it because they want her to join them so badly...

But I'm going to go with Edward, because I can imagine a really romantic scene, and then him biting her, and he will feel terrible from the pain he's causing her :(
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Post by ccoledude »

I could see Carlisle doing it or Alice. Alice was the 1st one to agree to change her, maybe that will come up. I still want Edward to change her, but those other two I could also imagine.
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Post by bellacullen406 »

I dont think it will be Edward because that would be too predictable and something is bound to go wrong. On the predictions board people are saying Rosalie would be a good twist because she doesnt want her too but in order to save her life she will have to. Rosalie isnt on here though so I put Carlisle.
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Post by JulesCullen »

Edward!!!!!!- he promised, and she wouldn't want it any other way. They've both accepted the deal, and he's more importantly accepted that she is going to be a vampire.
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

Edward will do it.
But I want Jane to!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be FUNNY!!

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Post by core ardendo »

Here are my theories on who I think may turn Bella if she turns.

Edward: Bella wants him to turn her, he promised to do it (on the condition of marriage) and most everyone expecting Bella to turn expect it's going to be him that does it. I myself also tend to think it will be Edward who turns Bella, but he's so very obvious an option I'm wondering SM might go a different route to add some element of surprise. I don't think Edward the one turning her is necessarily set in stone, but admittedly, my money is still on him.

The Volturi: No doubt, the scariest option. However, due to their interest in Bella's potential, their growing animosity with the Cullens and their ultimatum in NM (and the reminder in Eclipse)? I definitely don't think they can be taken out of contention. I also think they will be the main nemesis in BD. Possibly abducting and forcibly turning Bella certainly would incense the Cullens. As for someone specific amongst them, I keep thinking it might be Marcus for some reason. Possibly because he somehow comes to empathize with Bella or her relationship with Edward. Maybe she (or their relationship) will remind him of that mate / relationship he lost?

Rosalie: She's the one Bella is least closest amongst the Cullens and from the start has been totally against Bella's desire to become one of them (due to her own regrets of what she is and what she lost after becoming a vampire, namely being unable to have children). Twisted as this might seem, all that actually makes me suspect her more as a potential sire for Bella, not less. For an interesting and more recent theory of how this might work, check out Lady Elphaba's post here on the BD Theories thread. Next to Edward, I actually see Rosalie the next likely option amongst the Cullens to turn Bella if it happens.
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Post by Hazel »

haha i was the only one to vote Aro....

but seriously, like, what if he came to Forks and just got mad that bella wasn't changed yet? i know it doesn't really seem like him to do that, but i'm letting Aro stand for the entire Volturi excluding Jane because her name's already up there
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Post by shine_brighter »

Somehow I feel like Edward is too obvious of a choice for Meyer to write. And so does Carlisle, since he is responsible in the past for changing others. Alice has already let it be known she would, so...

I think Meyer will throw us for a loop and have someone unexpected do it, so I'm voting for Rosalie.
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