Vampires and "Soulmates"

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my thoughts

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In my opinion, Edward and Bella are 100% soulmates. Each book has ended happily (even though there are always problems for them throughout) so I can't help and hope that the fourth book will be the same for both of them. It wouldn't be right to do that and then destroy the world that was created for them.

Edward and Bella, from the outset, have been the main characters and have always been attracted to one another. Edward lives for Bella and even when Jacob comes along in the second book, she always pines for Edward. The whole Jacob thing was merely something to preoccupy her and he was never more than a friend to her really. Bella is naive and she is a caring person so naturally she doesn't want her best friend to be upset etc. At the end of the day, her life revolves around Edward and she is "unconditionally" in love with him. She also is very close with the Cullens. Every single time they are together in the books it just seems perfect. They have a special bond, the kind that I have never read about before. The books always hint at them being made for one another. If it took a different turn, everyone would be put off because we're all caught up in their relationship.
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I think Vampires having soul mates is a lot like humans.
With Edward, he had given up on ever finding love (he'd been looking for it for like 90 Years!) He had no intentions of finding someone to spend his life with until he met Bella.
To me a lot of humans are the same way, i have a friend who spent years looking for the right one, finally she decided to give up and move on with her life and as soon as she did, BAM mr. perfect came along and they're now engaged

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