Poem by Edna St. Millay

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Poem by Edna St. Millay

Post by Be My Escape »

Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Discuss what you think this means to the story

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Post by marissa »

I guess this is the first part from a really long poem...If anybody's interested in reading the rest, here's the link

Maybe this poem is talking about innocence. If you read the poem, to me, it kind of talks about childhood, and how nothing bad really happens to children because of thier state of mind...So maybe this is talking about Bella's transition from her innocent human childhood, to becoming a vampire? It's very confusing though... :?

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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

I had first heard of her a couple weeks ago when my class had to do a poetry project in English class and my friend did one on her. I fell in love with her name and then i decided to read her poem.
Then he goes on to tell me that it's the one they used in one of the Twilight books. Since this was last week i was like "....no it's not... Twilght is Genesis, New Moon is Romeo and Juliet, Eclipse is Fire and Ice.... ???" and then this morning i saw the poem and was like "You have got to be joking!!!!" It was incredible.

Mainly.. I like the poem. I guess it talks about how either she was never really a teenager (like Renée said) or how when she turns into a vampire she will be a newborn. I'm not too sure about it though becuase you know how SM is all confusing about this stuff.
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Post by ManiacsRose »

It's Edna ST VINCENT Millay. She was born in Rockland, ME and grew up in Camden, ME. She was the first woman to recieve the Pultizer Prize and she was a bisexual....even though that last one means nothing. She is one of my favorite poets and that's why I responded to this thread after ages of never going to lexicon.

If you relate this to Breaking Dawn...Childhood is immortality. Basically, that no one changes they just grow up. So I believe it is saying something like...Bella is going to give away her childish fears of marriage and give up her mortality to be with Edward forever.

Or...since Bella is such an adult since she was young and never truly had a childhood. She is going to go into her childhood by becoming truly happy and less stressed about everything else.

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Post by KaterinaEclipse3 »

i think it means that even though they are growing older mentally each day, they are still in the state of a child. aka immortality. i don't know exactly, but ... bella maybe is getting mad about getting older while edward stays the same, but something's trying to tell her to grow older, and not change.
i don't know if that made sense, i'm just trying to relate the poem to breaking dawn.
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Post by diamond encrusted »

maybe Bella will be able to stop people from dying?! with her new abilities?! maybe save Jake or Charlie or Renee or someone?!
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Post by beautifullybroken »

Hm, is this poem from Breaking Dawn? Just wondering.

But, I think the poem means that Bella is sort of like the child, finally realizing that experiencing things and growing old, basically her human life, wouldn't matter. She would be willing to give those things up for mortality and be with Edward, living until eternity. :)

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Post by ajm490 »

it scared me, to be honest.

i read it as if the first 3 books had been innocence--no one has died in any of them. 'Cept Harry, and if you read the entire poem, he really does fit into that mould of "Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies/Nobody that matters, that is. Distant relatives of course/Die, whom one never has seen or has seen for an hour... And went away, and cannot really be said to have lived at all." Harry. And the villains don't count, obviously.

Perhaps this is a hint that there will be a death or two in this book.
ugh, I sincerely hope not.
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Post by lovemesomecullensss »

*Reads poem*
*Gets chills*
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Post by BlackLace »

It is quite an eeire poem...
But when I read it I think of growing up...very quickly...
like have a tragic act come upon you and you mus grow up, and do the right thing emotionally...

err...yeah. lol :roll:

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